Best ATV Winch for Plowing [2022 Reviews]

The best ATV winch for plowing will get you out of a rough, snowy spot!

When snow creates a must-pull situation, it is the right time to keep a snow plowing winch ready. A shovel may be a hand to keep you up, but you still have the pain to plow by hand. Keeping a winch on your ATV may cost you some bucks, but it has multiple usages.

An ATV winch can help you haul a stuck vehicle, a fallen tree, or pull a plow blade. Moreover, plowing out snow may be a fun experience when you have the right tools. We are here to discuss ATV winches – their benefits, quality features, and pros and cons. This way, you will get a complete picture without the hassle of going through the internet.

The 2,500 lbs to 3,500 lbs pulling capacity winches for plowing purposes are perfect on ATV. More powerful winches are also available on the market to haul heavy loads. In this list, we have picked mid-range standard winches for ATVs only.

Let’s go through the good and bad sides of these winches. Hopefully, it will help you to pick the right winch to keep things up.

Table of Best ATV Winch for Plowing

Images Product Names Price
champion atv winch
warn vrx winch
superwinch atv 3000
orcish winch
viper recovery winch

5 Best ATV Winch for Plowing This Year

1. Champion 10,000-lbs ATV Winch

This winch kit is not merely a champion for performance but blows out expectations carrying out loads exceeding 10,000 lbs on sands, mud, or snow blowing. The water-resistant design allows it to hit the terrains without worry.

The winch provides enough power to make car trailing easy. With this brand alone, you can count on it to provide all the pulling and lifting power you need for any situation. The motor has a solid design to carry heavy loads, making it a reliable winch on ATVs, SUVs, or trucks.

It is a heavy-duty winch that still allows easy installation and operations.

Features and Performance

This kit supports a superior grade pulling force for ATVs up to 10,000 lbs line pull. A 3.6 hp motor is its source of power, and it works with a line speed of about 3.9 feet when loaded and 15.7 feet with no loads.

The winch comes with gear down ratio with a hitch adapter. It also has a quick set-up remote control to handle the winch operation from a safe distance. The whole way becomes more precise and smooth for the roller fairlead. It includes a 6 ft battery cable for easy and faster connection with the vehicle’s battery.

All these things are ideally worth it for ATV owners.

You will like to learn that the aircraft-grade cable it comes with is less prone to fraying. It also allows you to extend the winch cable up to 85 ft long to support from more distance. So, if you get stuck even on rough terrains – rock, mud, or snow, it will help you efficiently unstuck from such a situation.

The winch comes with a 3-stage planetary gear system with a dynamic break. The 25/8.8-inch drum coils the sturdy cable onto it.

It has a quick start and automatic free spooling clutch meaning the easiest way to spool out the winch rope. The roller fairlead makes it smoother, allowing no sudden block of winch rope.

A nice thing it has is the snatch block, mostly found missing in most winch models. The snatch block is handy when you need more pulling force. It can increase winching power in the angle pulls.

More info @ Champion store.

  • Suitable for ATV owners
  • Easy and faster installation
  • Includes advanced features
  • Is a bang for the buck
  • Pros
  • Vertical winching may be struggling
  • Switch on delays

  • 2. WARN VRX 25-S Powersports Winch

    When talking about hub locks and off-road recovery accessories, Warn is, by one name, considered one of the recognized brands worldwide. They apply the world’s latest technological engineering, committed to giving you premium quality products and the best-in-class features.

    The VRX Powersports winch is a new addition to their collections. With tons of quality features, this 2,500 lbs winch is a perfect choice for small-size ATVs.

    It is considered a reliable workhorse at a decent price range. This metal construction winch is committed to providing increased durability and long-lasting performance.

    Features and Performance

    The winch has 2,500 lbs load capacity with a reliable source from a highly efficient motor and is available with a sturdy 50 ft long synthetic rope. It also has a 3-stage planetary gear train, mechanical brake, and a dash-mounted control switch. The winch brake offers excellent load capacity while ordinary recovery kits fail.

    It has a waterproof metal construction and a corrosion-resistant finish. You will also like a corded remote control attached to it.

    The attraction is that it is a premium quality winch but at no premium price.

    The winch also contains a hawse fairlead, a zinc-plated hook, and a rocker switch.

    Its watertight sealing is IP68-rated, so no worries about licking underwater. The winch always keeps it from debris and outer elements. Moreover, the gear train is of metal construction with a planetary disc. It is a 3-stage gear system to tackle load under control with ease. You will like it because it is smooth and reliable.

    Did you know what is IP rating? Click here to learn about the IP68 waterproof rating. It will help you to be conscious of the corrosion resistance of your winch kit.

    Another feature you’ll like is the load-holding brake that offers excellent safety and control.

    It is worth mentioning that some insignificant features might be missing here. Don’t worry – aside from the winch set, you can opt to buy them separately.

    If you buy a mounting plate or include remote control, there’s almost nothing left to make it a complete set.

  • Powerful motor to generate plenty of force
  • Operates quietly
  • Excelletn installation instructions
  • All-in-one quality features
  • Pros
  • Wiring is short
  • Terminal posts won’t be rotating

  • 3. Superwinch 3,000 lbs Winch Kit for Plowing

    Superwinch is a renowned brand name in the arena of ATV winches. Winches from this brand name are most likely chosen products for off-roaders. People like these winches for their compact design, quiet functions, and all-around winching performance.

    These versatile winch kits are more durable, reliable, and highly functional. People trust this brand name because they offer products at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.

    Features and Performance

    At the very beginning, you will be happy to learn that the winch is reasonably priced. You might have been thinking – it is at a lower rate, so the quality is worse, and it will not fit your vehicles.

    If you are thinking like the statement, you are doing the wrong. Superwinch commits to offering what you exactly expect from a manufacturer. They never sacrifice the quality of features and performance.

    This one is the best value pick on our list. This winch has low amperage from a permanent magnet motor attached to a circuit breaker.

    The 1.2 hp engine produces a 3,000 lbs line pull rating and low-amp draw (read more about amperage here). The 3-stage planetary gear it includes offers superior control over the load control capacity. So, the winch can tackle heavy loads under pressure.

    The winch has a heavy-duty, 4-way roller fairlead and wired remote control. The wire allows you to extend it up to 12 inches.

    Moreover, you will find a free spooling and ergonomic clutch, so there’s no sudden break or start-up of speed. You’ll also find a sealed solenoid protected.

    Unlike other so-called winches, it comes with a mounting plate means you won’t need to buy an additional plate to mount the winch in the right place.

    It has a fantastic gearbox that can pull up to 3,000 lbs. The motor has a low amp draw ratio, so the hauling performance is excellent and faster than the higher amp draw ratio.

    The winch kit comes with a 50 ft long durable wire cable, roller fairlead, a hook, and a rocker switch. Also, a handheld remote will help you control it from a small distance. If you like, you can attach an additional wire cable to operate this remote from a bit distance.

    The handlebar rocker switch will make it smooth, allowing you to use this switch from near your hand. Moreover, the circuit breaker will give protection to the motor.

    It has a unique design with a mechanical braking system to provide quick stoppage or quick jam cleaning on the drum in case of the rope getting stuck or power failure.

    Overall, this winch is a perfect choice for ATV users. You can choose it for off-roading as well as snow plowing so far.

  • A complete winch kit at a reasonable rate
  • A bang for the buck
  • Compact, quiet, and powerful design
  • Includes most key features
  • Pros
  • Wire rope quality issues
  • Missing solenoid mounting instructions

  • 4. ORCISH 3500 Lbs Winch for Towing ATV/UTV

    We have chosen another budget-friendly recovery kit in our list for ATV/UTV users. This kit is specially designed for the off-road journey. Though it’s cheap, people use it as handy. This winch performs better compared to its size and price range. ATV is the perfect vehicle for mounting this winch.

    The Orcish winch kit has plenty of solid hardware. Those hardware components contribute to the all-around quality of the winch. Thanks to this winch kit for its versatile position setup. If you are not needing with a high level of winching capacity, this winch is the best option for you. It works like a super winch while applied for lightweight jobs.

    Moreover, it can pull a UTV down a steep hill without losing its recovery capacity. Ideally, it is an excellent recovery kit to carry loads flawlessly at a lower budget.

    Features and Performance

    People usually look for quality features, winching capacity, ropes, and comfort in a recovery system. Think once yourself – you are pulling a winch rope manually. How tough is it to pull out? Truly hazardous.

    On the contrary, advanced features like wireless remote, battery power, and motor start winching ropes just with a press of a button on the switch.


    This winch will surprise you by providing so many accessories, operating facilities, and more at a low budget. It has two modes of operation, either remote or manual. The versatile winch has a wireless remote control system that you can operate within a 50 ft covering range.

    The exclusive design comes with a 3,500 lbs line pull rating, flexible to operate small-size ATVs, Polaris RZR, or UTVs. In a single line pull, it will certainly have enough power to pull heavy loads without clogging off.

    It has a permanent magnet motor with a 1.7 hp output capacity. A sealed motor guarantees resistance against rough and extreme weather conditions, including moisture, snow, or rain. Users now feel free to drag it in any weather condition.

    The built-in circuit breaker is another feature it contains to protect the unit from any power surge, overload, or short circuit. The solenoid properly performs to bypass power from the source. Learn here how to bypass the winch solenoid.

    You will also be happy to learn that it allows users to mount this kit vertically, upside down, and permits still to pull horizontally.

    Finally, with a lot of accessories, you will find it easy to install following the instructional manual. Moreover, the wireless remote makes it the best value for the money winch.

  • Flawless performance for lightweight pulls
  • Easy to install
  • Cool upgradation and mounting opportunity
  • Best budget winch so far
  • Pros
  • Shortage of cables
  • Poor terminal covers

  • 5. MotoAlliance VIPER 3000 lbs ATV/UTV Winch

    Finally, we have concluded our list with this model from AotoAlliance. It is also popular equally for quality and price range. Universal design with almost all brands’ compatibility, you will like this model with all standard features, 3,000 to 4,500 lbs pull ratio, and the stainless steel hardware construction.

    It may be an excellent choice for ATV, UTV, and side-by-side riders. The outlook will give you an overall impression of how it performs in real life. Fully reinforced by engineering, mechanical brake, and magnetic motor depict it’s a quality winch system. After all, quality is its priority.

    Features and Performance

    This winch has a pulling power from 3,000 to 4,500 lbs. It includes a rocker switch, contactor solenoid, and a 50 ft long synthetic rope. The length of the black wire is sufficient to pull from a moderate distance.

    Moreover, the handlebar switch powers up the winch and allows thumb operation easy. As the switch is attached to the handlebar, do not worry about losing control over it.

    The stainless steel construction and the planetary gear provide enough strength to pull heavy loads. The mechanical brake and the load-holding capacity have reduced the chance of rope creep and made it a reliable winch kit.

    The permanent magnet motor boosts the torque level so you can easily overcome the snag on the trail.

    The internal components of this winch are completely sealed and do not allow any harmful elements to come in. So, you can say it is fully protective and safe from harsh elements. You can apply this workhorse even under muddy water without fearing about deteriorating.

    Lastly, it features universal bolt patterns to fit various mounting plates. It reduces your tension about model-specific fitment. However, check out the fitment if any discrepancy is out there.

    Know the manufacturer @ MotoAlliance, Inc.

  • All-around compatible winch kit
  • Easy and faster install
  • Industry-standard bolt pattern for mounting plate
  • Good performer and looking great
  • Pros
  • Rope quality issues
  • Shortage of wiring system

  • Final Verdict

    With our compilation, we hope that you will get to decide the best winch suitable for you. We have researched online and found that people use these winches for ATVs. These kits are neither so highly efficient nor so inefficient. That is why they are perfect for small-size ATVs, Polaris, Can-Am, and similar vehicles.

    We have also found that users apply these kits to unstuck vehicles from sand, mud, and rough terrains or even use them to plow snow.

    So, if you are looking for a winch to plow snow, these are the best ATV winch for plowing. And if you ask me to recommend one, I’ll definitely show you our top pick – Champion 10,000-lbs Winch. But if you intend to have one on a tight budget, 3,000 lbs Superwinch will be a bang for the buck.

    Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the right thing so far.

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