Best Bluetooth Microphone for Car Stereo: In 2023 – (5 Top Picks)

Bluetooth is one of the easiest ways to make a wireless connection to your electronic devices. The major work of a microphone is to affect the audio quality of a sound system. The preinstalled audio system may have limited power, but great brands never sacrifice quality. You can find here the best Bluetooth microphone for car stereo with sufficient power and solid sound quality we tested.

However, there’re still options to replace and customize the ordinary car stereo that comes from the beginning. If it is preinstalled and doesn’t give you what you want, don’t worry. You have still some options to improve the sound quality of your car stereo with a modern car microphone.

Moreover, the external microphone provides higher quality than the built-in factory audio system. The modern car stereo is a complete representation of value and the usage of simplicity. It enables you to have hands-free communication while driving.

5 Best Bluetooth Microphone Reviews for Your Car


FingerLakes 3.5mm Car Mic

car stereo microphone upgrade

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If you have a car stereo in your car, it will help you to have control over your phone at the time of driving. FingerLakes comes with an external microphone that helps enhance the audio system in your car. The product is suitable and works perfectly for most car radios that have 3.5mm microphone input.

This car stereo includes a 3m cord with a length of 9 feet. Moreover, the adopting electret condenser cartridge has great sensitivity and low impedance. Therefore, it is an anti-noise audio system with an anti-jam capacity. Furthermore, it has a built-in Bluetooth for a wireless connection that allows connecting with a device to the speaker.

More so, it has a fast and accurate data transmission process to allow every single word to hear without noise. The transmission system remains stable even under rough terrain while driving. Also, it comes with a foam filter to improve noise level at tolerable conditions providing clearer audio sound.

Besides, the package comes with a visor clip for easy installation and convenient usage. It features a dash mount to glue the microphone to a glass, door, or wall.


  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless connection
  • Cord length is 9 feet for long-distance transmission
  • Works perfectly for cars with 3.5mm microphone input
  • Excellent anti-noise and anti-jamming capacity
  • Cons

  • Still, it requires some improvement to defeat similar products
  • Not compatible with some car radios

  • 2.

    FLTP 2.5mm Microphone for Car Sterio

    FingerLakes 2.5mm Mic for Car Stereo

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    FLTP comes with an excellent sound system to produce smooth and tolerable sounds compared to the built-in type in your car. The model has 3 meters or 9 feet long extra strong wire to make sure you have the option to connect it from a bit distance.

    The mic for the stereo system features a universal jack plug that is compatible with car radio head units with 2.5mm input. No complicated connection is found when it works perfectly with the car stereo. The microphone input has high sensitivity. Also, it has low impedance and noise-canceling capability.

    It comes with fast and exceptional transmitting power. So, it promotes clear and stable audio sound during a smooth or rough journey. Moreover, a foam filter is fixed in it to ensure a windproof and noise-free sound system. Besides, it allows two distinct channels to get installed. The durable visor clip it comes with is to enable you to clip it to a convenient spot. Also, you can remove the small device from the clip and glue it with a sticker to get the desired sound effect.


  • A fast and accurate transmission system
  • A foam filter for windproof and noise-free sound
  • Durable visor clip and dash mount for easy installation
  • The 9-feet cord for distance connectivity
  • Cons

  • The sounds seem to come from far away
  • Maybe not a standard car stereo

  • 3.

    GalaboxMic 2.5mm Bluetooth Mic for Vehicle

    Galabox 2.5mm External Microphone

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    This car kit helps with a more comfortable way for hand-free calls and voice control for the car interior. The product is unique and it is a good sound enhancer. It comes with a 2.5mm universal plug-and-play. Therefore, you can use it for laptops, car GPS DVD, and counter intercom. Also, it works perfectly with most Sony models’ car radio.

    Moreover, the microphone has an anti-noise ability that outperforms ordinary stereo and produces excellent sound in a noisy environment. It is a high-strung output system with an anti-jamming capacity that makes it better compared to the pioneer factory microphone. Also, you can make a pair with other external Bluetooth devices.

    Its transmission capacity is fast and remains stable in any driving condition. Further, it comes with mounting tape to snug perfectly to keep it firm. The cable is almost 3-meters long, more accurately, it is 9.8 feet. Thus, it allows you to mount and extend the accessibility to any part of your vehicle.


  • Features anti-noise and anti-jamming options
  • Distance connection possible with a 9.8 feet long cable
  • Features a mounting tape for stability
  • Fast and stable for data transmission
  • Cons

  • The audio sound is not clear we expected
  • Maybe unstable while driving on rough terrain

  • 4.

    AlphasonikMic 2.5mm Mic for Car Stereo

    Bluetooth Microphone 2.5mm Mic

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    You can replace your old car stereo with a new and advanced type, and this model may be a nice option for you. It will allow you for hand-free calls and you can concentrate on your driving without thinking that you have to receive an emergency call under certain circumstances. It has high sensitivity and audio transfer capacity with a clear and stable sound under any circumstances.

    Besides, the wire is durable and long enough to cover a good distance. Also, it is easy to hide. The model is of high quality and produces uninterrupted transmission. The anti-noise effect is super for a smooth and clear sound system. Thus, it controls and keeps off background noise from disturbing the audio system.

    Furthermore, it has a 2.5mm plug to suit any pathfinder unit. The microphone can also work for external Bluetooth interface modules. Moreover, the clip of the product is fully adjustable that enables getting the most convenient direction at any time.

    Besides, it is easy to install and offers you one more option on how to mount it. The entire installation process is available to guide you through.


  • High sensitivity with great sound quality
  • An anti-noise and anti-jamming device
  • Two mounting options
  • Fast and stable transmitting sounds
  • Cons

  • We didn’t find the actual size stated
  • The microphone has a random buzzing sound

  • 5.

    Galabox 2.5mm Microphone with External Assembly

    Galabox Mic For Car Vehicle

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    This fantastic design gives you the best of your car sound system. It is a hand-free device to make it easier to communicate with your caller. It features a 2.5mm connector to work with most pioneer car radios. Also, it has a foam filter to control noise and serve as a windproof device.

    The sensitivity is 30Db +/- 2Db and features low impedance. It comes with anti-noise and anti-jamming quality. Therefore, it can function well in a noisy environment to give a clear sound. Also, the transmission is fast and stable; hence it promotes clarity of voice and voice stability during any circumstances.

    Equally, it features a 3-meter durable cable to connect it from a long distant angle in your car. Moreover, it has two installation options. The visor clip allows you to fix the microphone with a clip. Also, the dash mount enables you to glue it to the wall, glass, or door.

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  • An excellent visor clip, dash mount, and foam filter
  • Enhances fast and accurate data transmission
  • A 9-feet long wire for distance connection
  • An anti-noise and anti-jamming device
  • Cons

  • Maybe more clear sound possible from other devices
  • Need to improve sound quality

  • Final Words

    So, we are at the end and have examined that if you choose car stereo for customization inside the car, these are the best options to choose from. You still can find more things like these, but our observation is that these models are neatly fitted keeping your demands in mind. We’ve also found fault with the limitations, you can consider them while deciding finally. However, FingerLakes 3.5mm and FLTP Mic 2.5mm Microphone may be ideal for anybody, no other models can defeat.

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