5 Best Electric Boat Trailer Winches [2023 Reviews]

‘Set Sail for Adventure!Best Electric Boat Trailer Winch

A winch is lifting and pulling gear designed to lift big weights. A weight is lifted by winding a rope, a wire, or a cable around a drum. It might be portable, stationary, manual, electric, or hydraulic, mainly depending on the use.

The word “boat winch” refers to a variety of mechanisms. Mainly the boat winch is put on a trailer for pulling a boat. The winch is located at the front of the trailer, closest to the towing vehicle, to assist in hauling the vessel onto the trailer.

Choosing a boat winch isn’t always easy, so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 electric boat trailer winches, along with a guide to help you buy those.

Best Electric Boat Trailer Winch At A Glance!

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bravex winch review
  • Bravex Electric Winch
megaflint electric boat trailer winch
  • Megaflint Trailer Winch
champion winch review
  • Champion Trailer Winch
  • Bravex Boat Winch
master lock portable electric winch
  • Master Lock Winch

5 Best Electric Boat Trailer Winch Reviews

1. Bravex Electric Boat Winch

If you’re looking for a boat trailer winch, this one is the best alternative to consider. It incorporates a pulley system inside the box that generates power doubling the power more than other ordinary pulling systems. According to the manufacturer, the motor output is up to 30% more than the electric winches of its classes.

This electric winch is an ideal choice for boat trailers. It is a versatile pulling system you can use for both hauling and spooling. It performs equally even when you use it for power in and out. Moreover, the dual modes of operation allow you to use it as a manual kit or electric when necessary. Unlike jeep winches, it also permits to convert to a hand winch in an emergent circumstance. What you need is to have a crank for that.

The galvanized steel cable is another unique aspect of this winch to consider. It has rolling power of up to 6,000 lbs; a pulling capacity is up to 2,000 lbs. It has a sturdy design, meaning it can haul heavyweight. An external shield it includes is an excellent safeguard for the deterioration process.

This boat trailer winch got high marks among the 12-volts boat winch reviews since it produces no or low noise. Though it comes with a steel cable, no obnoxious sound we found from it. It induces a sound of fewer than 75 decibels.

The winch offers safety features for added security. An automatic brake mechanism it comes with prevents the handle from turning for excessive weight. The consequence is that the possibility gets decreased when you worry about unwinding the steel cable.

  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient remote control
  • Excellent pulling capacity
  • Pros
  • A bit tricky instructions to some users
  • Plastic cover

  • 2. Megaflint Trailer Winch for Boats

    We can use this device as a manual or electric winch due to its dual-mode functionality. For lighter weights, we suggest utilizing it as a manual winch. We use it as an electric winch to haul a bigger boat with less effort. The finest part is that it ratchets quietly and efficiently. It is in stark contrast to other noisy and obtrusive electric winches, particularly when loaded with a heavyweight.

    Another reason this motorized boat winch stands out is its ease of use. It comes with a 9′ 9″ corded remote control. You’ll be capable of operating the winch from a distance. All you have to do is push the rocker button to power the winch on and off.

    On a technical level, this electric boat trailer winch is outstanding. We were quickly sucked in by its incredible specifications. This 6000-pound boat trailer winch is very capable of rolling and pulling. Additionally, it has a 12-volt direct current motor that generates up to 30% more power than other electric winches.

    We appreciate Megaflint for including mechanical friction and a dynamic brake on this trailer winch. These additional features prevent the coil from unwinding under strain, resulting in safer loading and unloading.

  • Not too much noisy
  • Offers both manual and electric mode
  • Remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Pros
  • Not adapted to continuous use
  • Quite thin

  • 3. Champion Power Trailer Winch for Boats

    Champion winches are the industry’s finest. The majority of these winches are small and durable. They are manufactured by Champion Power Equipment. This firm, which has been in business for 17 years, manufactures a range of power equipment.

    Champion’s 2000 lb winch is of exceptional quality and design, making it a customer favorite. Additionally, this winch kit is of excellent quality and quite dependable. You may want to get this winch kit because it can perform a wide variety of tasks. This winch is suitable for trailer, UTV, and ATV applications since it is efficient and adaptable to perform well on tough terrain.

    Additionally, the installation of this winch kit is extremely easy and simple. Overall, the Champion 2000 lbs winch kit is excellent. It has a robust design and is quite handy.

    It is good to know that it has one horsepower motor. Its 12 volts magnetic DC motor provides consistent pulling force and excellent control while winching. Moreover, the 2000 lbs Champion offers a 153:1 gear ratio with a line speed of 3.3 feet per minute when empty; and 10.5 feet per minute when fully loaded, which is very convenient.

  • Easy installation
  • Strong steel rope
  • Excellent quality-price ratio
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • Pros
  • The motor needs cooling
  • Very much noisy

  • 4. Bravex Boat Trailer Electric Winch

    This electric Bravex winch is powered by a 12-volt direct current motor and has a rated draw capability of 6,000 pounds when used with rolling loads.

    Capacity varies according to task type. The winch has a capability of 5,000 pounds for marine weights and 2,000 pounds for pulling loads.

    The winch is equipped with a 30-foot galvanized steel rope that is secured at one end with a hook for further security. Due to the cable’s simple carry-in design, the winch is very portable.

    Winch operations enable dual-direction rope motion — spooling out and drawing in.

    Another notable feature of the winch is its manual hand crank control in addition to the standard electric control system. The manual option is sometimes very useful in emergency circumstances.

    This electric winch motor is geared to provide 20% more power than a standard trailer winch motor.

    On the safety front, this Bravex model has an autonomous braking system.

    This device prevents the load from sliding even when the power source is interrupted. Finally, the winch’s design guarantees that operations occur quietly.

    The Bravex electric winch is superior to a manual winch, and it also has a manual mode for emergency use. The operation is silent, making it ideal for usage in and around the home and for recreational purposes. Moreover, you’ll like its quality-price ratio.

  • Remote control pulling kit
  • Really easy to install
  • Clear instructions
  • Dual direction and operating mode
  • Pros
  • The cord not enough longer
  • Somewhat noisy for some users

  • 5. Master Lock Portable Electric Winch

    With this product, the weight of your boat will never be a problem. The galvanized cable steel ensures that it pulls effortlessly. This 5,000 lbs boat trailer winch is capable of hauling and rolling cargo.

    This rugged electric winch has a permanent steel hook linked to the wire. In this manner, the hook will certainly remain attached to the chain or tow strap. The enclosed motor is fully secure and protected from external factors.

    Electric winches are prone to malfunction. Fortunately, this model has a backup hand crank, which allows converting quickly to a manual winch. Versatile winch systems allow converting into a manual winching option for favorable assistance. Improvesailing has invented 3 ways to convert winches into manual winch – here’s how.

    It comes with a variety of mounting options. You can put it on a level surface or ball-mount hitch, matter what. Already a mounting plate is available.

    Additionally, you’ll like the toggle remote with a strap. It also has a 9′ 9″ rope, which controls the winch’s movement even when you are not present in the central unit. Anyone can easily stand out of the trailer’s path.

  • Remote control system
  • Strong steel cable
  • A permanent hook with the winch cable
  • Back-up hand crank when the electric mode fails
  • Pros
  • Somewhat noisy
  • Shorter power cord

  • Best Electric Boat Trailer Winch Buying Guide!

    You can quickly feel lost if you are not familiar with this field because buying an electric boat trailer winch is not an easy thing to do. We, therefore, recommend that you pay attention to four vital features as follows:

    In a hurry?

    1. cheap winch for jeep
    2. UTV winch kit
    3. best winch for polaris ranger 1000


    Two cable types

    The first one that is not suitable for nautical use is the steel cable. It has the pros of being low cost but faces many disadvantages. Steel cable is heavy, inconvenient, sensitive to corrosion, stiff, and difficult to wind, requires gloves to avoid cuts on the hands, dangerous in case of breakage.

    Synthetic cable perfectly adapts to nautical use. Indeed, it is very easy to use, stronger than steel, very light, has no spring effect, has no risk of a hand injury, does not rust, is insensitive to UV and seawater, and is easy to wind up. However, it has some deficient sides, such as being prone to cutting the rope if it rubs on a sharp or rough edge (scratching to be avoided), and it is usually more expensive than a steel rope.

    So, which one is best? Read here.


    The fact is that 12-volt electricity is a must to operate the winch. You have three possible options for this:

    • Take the power supply directly from the battery of the towing vehicle.

    Note: If the manufacturer authorizes this type of electrical connection, an electric winch requires a high current of 120 to 200A. It depends on the weight of your boat and the type of winch.

    • A power supply is provided by a battery dedicated to the winch.

    Note: if you already have a 12V battery with a minimum capacity of 70Ah and/or 650A CCA.


    The capacity of a winch refers to the highest weight it can draw. It is usually represented in kilograms and refers to the first row of rope coiled on the drum, i.e. when the rope is almost entirely unwound. The more rows of rope looped onto the drum, the less force is required to apply by the winch. The loss prediction is to be 13% per previously wound row. Please note that this capacity is often specified for a rolling load on an absolutely horizontal wire.

    It is also critical to choose a capacity bigger than the weights you want to carry. It is not only to account for power loss but also the rope’s non-horizontal nature and probable friction with the load.

    The capacity of 50% more than the weight to be towed is not ridiculous; in fact, it is wise! If you want to raise using your winch, double-check that the capacity is not represented in the rolling out load.


    There is a trade-off between pulling speed and load speed for a given power. A hefty cargo will be slowly dragged. Do not be shocked if the hauling speed of cargo is slow while the winch is empty.

    Generally, a loaded winch will pull 1.5 meters per minute. A winch that is quicker than the norm will have a more powerful motor, resulting in larger instantaneous power usage.

    Final Cut

    Now you know absolutely everything about the 5 best electric boat trailer winches.

    Feel free to share your opinion with us. Your top list may be different from ours! What do you think is the best model? Do you want to share about your favorite one or share about a good experience?

    In any case, we strongly recommend “Braves Electric Boat Winch” and “Champion Power Trailer Winch” because they are very safe. And that makes them the best models, especially for beginners in this field.

    Remember safety first!

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