Best Hide a Key for Car: In 2023 – (Top Picks & Guides)

Buying a car means a lot of investment, which doesn’t mean throwing that into waste. The more eye-catchy and expensive a car is the more possibilities to attract thieves. The daily increase in the number of car theft should be a thing of concern for vehicle owners. It is a matter of urgency that every car owner should take the necessary security measures. Best hide a key for car may be the wise solution to the safety of your car.

A missing car key can go a long way in destabilizing your whole day and leaves you exhausted. That is why the measures to look out for the safety of a car should get priority. It can be a lifesaver if you get an appropriate place to hide a key. We found some weird elements and products to hide your car key, which may be an ultimate measure to avoid criminal attempts.

The Worst Places to Hide a Key

Purse or wallet 

The most common and favorite place to hide a key is your wallet. It is easy and hassle-free to keep keys right there. But unfortunately, it is one of the dangerous places to keep a key. Anyhow, if your wallet is theft, the keeper will get hold of all the details inside and the key may be a spare one. 

Under a flowerpot

When burglars target your car, at the very first attempt, they’ll look into the showcase like that of a flower pot. Hence, it’s safe to keep things out of right there. As a conscious car owner, you definitely find an appropriate place to keep your keys.

Best Places to Hide a Key

Hitch Receiver Box

This box is one of the most innovative and secured places to hide a car key. It is a bit safer because it allows setting a personal code number to get access the box.

Neighbor’s Place

Your neighbors are the best team against theft activities. It is one of the most common practices between trusted neighbors. You can give them your spare key to watch out for your home and car for the time being.

Under the Dog House

Burglars hate dogs inside the kennel. You know why – your pet dog never allows unknown people to come near the kennel, and the thief cannot but run for the barking dog. Especially when you have an aggressive dog, it is difficult for burglars to come close to them.

If you want some more suggestions to hide your car key, you can dive right here. They have suggested some best and worst places to hide keys.

Buying Guide – What Makes Purchasing Decision

Do you know what makes the purchasing decision better? Thorough knowledge about the specific product you want to buy is the best way to make a perfect decision. If you are getting prepared to buy a car key hide for yourself, here are few things to know.

Also read more buying guides here.

Easy to operate

Go for a box that is safe and easy to operate. Be sure that the dials are bold enough to use under low-light conditions. More complicated car key hide is not recommended.


Check out the box if it has a large storage space. Be sure if it can accommodate some other essential things but the key only.


Make sure the key-hide is sturdy to keep things inside securely and can serve long-term purposes. The durable design can withstand rigor.

Installation Process

Portability, easy and hassle-free installation and quick and fast setting up are welcoming. The time-consuming installation system will hinder other jobs in such circumstances. Moreover, it will be more appreciating if it allows easy retrieving when needed.

Weather Resistant

A solid car key hide is capable of withstanding any weather. A waterproof key hide has a greater advantage. It will protect the key and other items in the safe.

5 Best Hide a Key for a Car Reviews


HitchSafe HS7000T Key Vault

Best hide a key for a car

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This product offers you a safe place where you can keep keys and other items. It has enough space to house multiple keys at a time. Also, the lock system allows you to create your number for security purposes. It comes with a fancy removable cover that protects the lock dial from weather elements and people around.

Furthermore, it is a heavy-duty vault constructed with solid metal for durability. It is chrome anodized to prevent rust and corrosion. The item comes with a drawer that slides easily into the receiver. Also, it features the possibility of 10,000 different lock combinations.

The drawer is held in the receiver by two pins through the aid of two sliding self-locking metal bolts. Equally, the bolt can only remove when the drawer is no longer in place. Hence, it makes the product highly secured and intact inside the receiver.

More so, it has zero hassle to instant install and uninstalls. The installation does not require the use of tools. Purchasers can also share access with friends and family in any situation. Besides, the Hitchsafe has a universal size that fits into other standard hitch receivers.


  • Hitchsafe fits into any standard receiver
  • Vault features 10,000 possible lock
  • Constructed with solid anti-rust metal
  • Easy to install and uninstall without any tools
  • Cons

  • It does not fit into some receivers
  • The construction is not solid enough

  • 2.

    Spy Spot Magnetic Hide Key

    Spy Spot Heavy Duty Hide Key

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    This key vault comes with a strong protection system to secure your valuable things and car key when you need them most out of your home. It is an innovative insulated car key hide to give you a tension-free moment while driving. The inner component is well cushioned and sealed to prevent water from assessing the case. Hence, the tracker can work even when your car gets submerged in a flood or sandstorm.

    Also, it features six built-in powerful magnets to attach to your vehicle or any flat metal surface. Hence, this ensures your case stays put under your car or any other properties you want to track. With this, you can drive confidently in a pothole and go on an off-road adventure. The construction process makes it durable to withstand rigorous conditions.

    Furthermore, its purpose is to house a GPS tracker outside your vehicle. The GPS case also supports strong incoming and outgoing signals when tracking. Also, it is a great choice holding different models of GPS trackers.

    The case has a great dimension. Therefore, it is large enough to hold other valuables and tools. It is portable, ergonomic, and snug closely with your vehicle. Again, it has hassle-free installation. It is easy to retrieve.


  • Durable and water-resistant construction
  • Six powerful magnets to snug firmly
  • Easy to install and easy to retrieve
  • Pair perfectly with several models of tracker
  • Cons

  • The unit is a little smaller than expected
  • The magnet does not hold firmly

  • 3.

    HitchSafe Nickel Cadmium Hitch Bolt

    HitchSafe Cadmium Hitch Bolt

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    The Hitch Bolt key hide is a superior-grade protection system to keep your vault stable and in place. It is a perfect alternative to replace your Hitchsafe bolt if the one you have is no longer serving its purpose. This particular model has a longer length compared to other similar products. It will give you extra security during enjoying the outdoor activity.

    Furthermore, the construction features high-quality Nickel Cadmium material. It has a silver coating to prevent rust. The product is sturdy and has the strength to hold your hitch. It offers durability and comes with exceptional wear resistance. Also, it is stable and helps secure your safe from falling off.

    More so, it is professionally designed for Toyota Tacoma 2005 and Toyota tundra 2007. Also, it is suitable and works perfectly for a large industrial truck receiver. Equally, it is a perfect choice for other vehicle models. It is a perfect kit for hitch safe and works better than other bolts.

    Also, it comes with directives on how to mount it securely. Hence it is easy to install into your hitch receiver.


  • Durable and does not wear out
  • Sturdy enough to hold your hitch
  • Features longer length compared to other product
  • Suitable for a large industrial truck receiver as well
  • Cons

  • It might be slightly longer than needed
  • It does not come with the washers

  • 4.

    Master Lock Portable Lock Box

    Master Lock Portable Lock Box

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    This portable design enables you to protect the keys from unauthorized users. It offers the privileged of having a personal number as a password to unlock the box. Also, it has a slide cover to protect the dial from sun, dust, and rust. The slide cover also disguises the lock from people around.

    Moreover, it is constructed with high-grade rust-resistant metal to withstand pry bars and hammers. It features molded body and vinyl coated shackle to prevent any form of scratching. The box is portable and suitable for outdoor, office, and home. It allows about 10,000 possible code number combinations.

    Also, it has a spacious internal dimension with the capacity of housing five keys. It comes with a preset code of 0000 combinations. The setting of the product gives room for a password reset at a point in time. For simplicity, it comes with instructions on how to reset the codes.

    More so, it is easy to install and easy to operate. The shackle of the lock is removable. It makes it easy for you to install it over the knob and handle of your door.


  • Storage space housing for five house keys
  • 4-digit code number combination
  • Dial feature shutter cover for protection
  • Constructed with rust-resistant metal for durability
  • Cons

  • Unsafe and easy to unlock
  • Not sturdy enough

  • 5.

    MiniMag Plus Stash Box Hide a Key

    MiniMag Magnetic Stash Box

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    This rugged box offers an innovative way to secure your belonging and keep them safe from thieves. It is weather-resistant and keeps your secret keys safe from the snow, dust, and rains. It allows you to drive in a wet environment as well.

    Additionally, it is constructed with stainless steel and coated to avoid rust. It has two built-in ultra-strong earth magnets so that you can keep the box secured during a rough drive. It stays fit to your vehicle or any flat metal surface. The edge of the lid has a soft covering with a marine-grade rubber gasket. It ensures tight fitting when locked.

    Also, it features two removable PU foam padding. Thus, it is to keep the tracker in good shape and temperature. It features a hassle-free installation process, and its discharging is super easy. Also, it comes with an instructional guide. It allows the GPS for an uninterrupted signal.

    The product functions to accommodate the most portable GPS tracker in stock. The box is 16 inches long and has enough space to store cash, med, rings, and other similar items.


  • Comes with a 16-inch storage capacity
  • Two ultra-strong magnets attached
  • Accommodates most GPS models on the market
  • Completely weather resistant
  • Cons

  • Compact size to accommodate more items
  • The magnets might fall off

  • 6.

    KeyGuard SL – 501 Lock Box

    KeyGuard Shackle Lock Box

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    The Keyguard key hide provides a lot of options to secure car keys, business cards, and similar things in it. It seems that it disguises a stylish telephone keypad. Compared to similar items, this box has the largest storage capacity. It is one of the best choices for commercial house agents, caregivers, and family members.

    It is sturdy and made of metal to ensure it is extremely durable. The full metal body is coated in black to withstand elements while keeping the inner content safe and secure. Besides, the lock allows letter and number for code combination. This combination key lock has made it easy for you to secure your car key since it is protected with secret codes. You can set a code that is easy to remember for you but difficult to break by anyone else.

    Moreover, it features a large punch button for easy access and view. Changing your code combination is super easy, and you can do it any time on a drive as well. Also, it has a built-in key to activate each button you press on the keypad.

    Besides, it comes with a protective cover to protect the dials from elements and to disguise them from people. It has a large removable shackle that enables you to mount it anywhere. The item comes with an instructional manual to guide on how to use the lock.


  • Features numeric and alphabetic code combination for strong pass code
  • Larger punch buttons for easy operation
  • Larger storage capacity
  • Protective dial-up cover
  • Cons

  • Many users found it not so secure
  • Also not a superior grade locking system

  • 7.

    HitchSafe Receiver Vault

    HitchSafe Receiver Vault

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    The vault offers a simple way to eliminate the hassle of carrying your key around during outdoor events. It allows a personal code of four digits to give you a secure locking system. The vault has a large space capacity to accommodate a good number of keys and other valuable essentials.

    The solid metal is its constructional material. Hence, the vault is durable and sturdy enough to withstand rigor. It comes with two pins to secure the vault inside the receiver. The body of the entire product comes coated to resist rust and other damaging elements.

    The vault comes with 10,000 possible codes for you to choose a befitting one. Also, it comes with a heavy-duty rubber dust cover to protect the dial from sun, water, and dust. Installation is easy, and it allows tool-free setting up and off.

    Moreover, the vault fits into any standard 2-inch receiver of your truck. The drawer is easy to release by entering your digit combination. It is an anti-theft locking system that provides sufficient security to store valuable things from falling into the wrong hand.


  • Heavy-duty protective rubber cover
  • Tool-free installation and uninstallation system
  • Large space capacity for storage
  • Personal digit combination for access
  • Cons

  • The pins are shorter than expected
  • The hitch safe receiver is not strong enough

  • 8.

    GOJOOASIS Under Desk Storage Box

    GOJOOASIS Box with Keypad

    Color: Black
    Brand: GOJOOASIS
    Locking: Electronic, Key
    Dimensions: 14.72 x 3.07 x 7.48 inches
    Material: Alloy Steel
    Width: 3.5 inches
    Weight: 8.3 Pounds

    Final Verdict

    Leaving your car key in the combination keyhole is nothing but an invitation to thieves. Conscious car owners never think of getting fall off from the security system. Recent technological advancements and some funny ideas have added a new era to hide a car key for extra protection.

    Hide your car key smartly so that you can fool the thieves. The above locking systems are somewhat funny since they have disguised the shapes of some familiar essential materials. But in real life, they are hiding your valuable key.

    So, if you are still unaware of your car’s safety, I suggest – collect a fantastic lockbox from the list. These are the best hide a car key to provide a better and safe place to hide your car key and similar valuable items. Most car owners like them for their fantastic outlook and have one.

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