5 Best Plastic Glue for Cars in 2023 (Quit Not, Fix it)

When the car gets siding or the spoiler gets started splitting and loses the breaks, it becomes a breakthrough for the car owners to replace it. But indeed, it is not necessary to replace the cracked parts or the plastic automotive gears. Most people find an instant solution to use adhesive and double sealed tape. But the one that may cause troubles when it will be untapped. However, the best plastic glue for cars will be a nice option to fix it.

The demand for adhesives has rapidly increased over the last decades in the automotive world. Vehicles are produced in lighter weight to improve performance and lessen gas consumption. Therefore, the need for bolts and other fastening screws is no longer required.

Also, glue promotes proper car maintenance to keep your car intact. Having plastic glue allows immediate repair of any damage that does not require any professional help.

However, accidents and minor damages are unpredictable. Having an adhesive in your car may help you like the first aid box. Automotive plastic glues are useful for any sudden necessity. So, for conscious car owners, it is wise to keep such useful things near their hands.

But it may be a common question in mind which one I should pick. Below are some selective plastic glues that work regardless of the surface you want to fix. With these available options, you can personally repair trims and other parts of the car.

Thus, check out our top picks

5 Best Plastic Glue for Car Reviews This Year

1. Rhino Glue Heavy Duty Pro-Kit

Faster, strong glue means Rhino glue. You can use it for the toughest applications on metal, wood, plastic, or rubber. It is a kind of triple distilled adhesive that bonds faster and sticks strong.

The commercial-grade glue can turn out messy substances. It comes with a plastic brush so that you can use it with precision. This glue has superior grade holding power to connect two pieces of substances faster.

This clear stress formula is functional for impact, shock, and moisture. You can use it for instant effects on wood, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metals, and so on.

Moreover, the adhesive withstands shock and vibration without melting under intense heat and can resist moisture. Again, it features a smooth cure and dries faster without discoloring properties.

Besides, it is a set of kits that comes with three types of glues. Multi-purpose usages of this adhesive are possible, but preferably you can choose it to suit your car needs. This glue seems to be like a gel but dries faster and gets thicker. You’ll like it because of its multi-functional formula, and that ensures strong bonds.

You’ll also like it because it is straightforward to apply. The triple distilled feature makes it a heavy-duty bond that never fails. However, the glue can be harmful to your health. It is ideal to wear gloves and a nose cover while applying the glue.

  • Holds strong bonds
  • Very fast to adhere to surfaces
  • The transparent finish makes it suitable for any surface color
  • Comes with brush for precise application
  • Pros
  • Toxic to the body
  • May require to wear mask
  • 2. Permatex Black Plastic Weld

    This adhesive is formulated to bond a wide variety of materials. It creates a tough bond and features a 3,500 PSI strength capacity. Also, it takes about five minutes from its first application to be effective and 24 hours to formulate completely. You will be happy to know that this powerful adhesive can connect multiple pieces of plastic in between.

    Not only does it, but it also fills up gaps of about 0.215 inches in the cracked opening. You can use this glue for multiple purposes. Most people like it because of its multipurpose usages.

    This glue is applicable on both soft and hard surfaces. It is a kind of weather-resistant glue. So you no longer have to be concerned about the state of the weather when driving. Moreover, the adhesive is applicable for painting and mixing with sands if you like to have it.

    When some glue requires you some additional primers, it doesn’t. What you have to do is to mix the ingredients for superior bonds. It also comes with a matte black coat when applied. After all, it is a better option for the black coat surface.

    However, it does not produce a transparent dry surface. So, be conscious of not using this on all surfaces. It might not be compatible with most surface areas.

    The set in time is quite fast. Thus, users tend to act at the fact that might be overwhelming.

  • Applicable on both soft and hard surfaces
  • Fils up gaps
  • Strong bonding capacity
  • Perfect for sanding and painting
  • Pros
  • Long curing duration
  • No dry clean
  • 3. Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder, Pro-Kit

    If you want incredible and 100% water-resistant adhesive, Bondic is ready for you. When hardened, it is the best glue to apply painted or sanded. It dries clear and makes sure of a permanent bond.

    It works perfectly to bond materials like UV, LED, etc. When exposed, it fixes in seconds. The adhesive works better with metals, fabric, wood, or plastic. Also, it is non-toxic and can be used by those with sensitive noses and skin.

    Moreover, the formula is a liquid plastic welder that gives a crystal clear finish on colored surfaces. It comes with a built-in LED UV light to help cure in seconds and shapes the glue as you desire. Besides, the re-sealable cap makes the product reliable and easy to use.

    You know fast cure adhesive is popular and saves assembly cost and time. But are they always better? Read what Robert Michaels says here.

    The precision applicator allows applying on exact affected areas easily. It comes in a portable storage tin that enables you to keep the kit safe for easy retrieval. The product is completely waterproof and can stand a higher degree of heat without melting out.

    The small amount of glue it comes with is insufficient on larger surfaces.

  • Easily applicable
  • Water and heat-resistant
  • Dry fast on a surface
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Pros
  • Not good for large surface area
  • Might not be perfect for heavy-duty repairs
  • 4. Sugru Moldable Glue (All-Purpose Adhesive)

    Versatility and multipurpose usage make it superior grade glue and different from other adhesives. You can use this adhesive for any material, whether household material or DIY. It makes bonding an easy task and gives things a unique look. The glue is moldable and allows you to shape out a desired pattern and size to fill gaps or bind items together.

    Moreover, the formula comes in different colors. Therefore, this option saves you the stress of painting the products. After drying, the glue remains flexible and can withstand shock, water, heat, and vibration. It is removable and has insulating properties. It is suitable for electrical repairs below 24 volts.

    You can use this adhesive on interior and exterior surfaces. It is easy to use without going through drilling hassle. Equally, the glue can fix, create, seal and bind. The product requires a long time to dry up. You might have about 30 minutes to form the pattern you like without pressure.

    Besides, this moldable glue offers you a mess-free application, and it’s easy to apply. However, it takes about 12-48 hours to set perfectly. Of course, you’ll notice that it dries as the number of layers is applied.

  • Moldable and flexible
  • Mess-free and easy to apply
  • Electric insulator and weatherproof
  • Adheres to various materials
  • Pros
  • Take a long time to dry
  • Shorter life span
  • 5. Lord Fusor Plastic Repair

    Lord Fusor plastic bond is suitable for your car. It creates an excellent bond on emblems, interior plastics, broken bumpers, or door trims. Equally, it is an improved version of other similar products that assures you of a solid bond. It is suitable for fixing minor items around you.

    The adhesive formula comes in a tube containing 1.7 oz and features a black color finishing. Therefore, it does not require painting to suit black surfaces. It bonds effectively and does not come off under the influence of harsh weather or humidity.

    Moreover, it fixes and cures within a few minutes without putting your property in a mess. You can add sand for convenient application and stronger bonds. Furthermore, the package comes with two red cartridges for easier mixing and superior repair.

    You’ll find an instructional manual on how to apply without hassle. Note that it contains toxic ingredients and requires gloves and nose masks before application.

    Precautions: Highly toxic materials in glue may cause harm to health. Keep it out of sight of your kids. Learn more here about why it is so dangerous to health.

  • Double cartridge allows a perfect mixture
  • Temperature and humidity resistant
  • Fix and cure within a few minutes
  • Application guideline included
  • Pros
  • A low strength capacity
  • Toxic; may require you to mask

  • Key Things to Consider for Buying the Best Plastic Glues for Car


    Easier Than Plastic Welding – Plastic glues are easy to apply than plastic welds and fasteners. The bounding applications hide between two surfaces and, this enhances a more decent and clean job. It gives a beautiful exterior appearance while concealing the affected area.

    So, which one is better – Plastic glues or Plastic weld? Let’s go we learn about that.

    Reduces Corrosion – Scratches or abrasion gradually turns into corrosion. The holes in metal panels have a way of deteriorating a vehicle. Automotive glue can help lessen and eliminate corrosive risks.

    Strong Bonds and Perfect Weight Distribution – The automotive glue can spread on large surfaces. Moreover, the adhesive enables a lesser concentration of weights on a single spot. Thus it builds a firm bond and produces a smooth result when applied on surfaces.

    Less Expensive – The cost of automotive glue is generally cheap. A small quantity spreads over a large area and bonds effectively. If you compare glues with plastic welding, adhesives are much better economical and save you money. Again, you can apply automotive glue quickly and hassle-free without using any equipment or space.

    Great for Seams – Adhesives are flexible to use, which makes them suitable for seam sealing. Many parts of your vehicle get exposed to water. Now a day, you can find some waterproof car glues that prevent water from accessing the sealed edges.

    Reduces Vibration and Noise – You might notice that some torn-out parts of your car are the reasons to produce noises. Automotive adhesives can eliminate noise levels and reduce the vibration of a vehicle. You can fix the jerking by applying the glues on such loose points. 

    Ability to Join Material – Incredibly, these glues allow you to apply for adjoining materials as well. When you use the adhesives for bonding two materials, they firmly stick together without falling apart.

    Types of Plastic Glues

    Several types of auto glues are out there right now on the market. We have brought them into three categories.

    Epoxy – Epoxies are very common right now, and they come in two tubes connected with a plug. One of the containers contains resin, and the other has hardeners. Both of the containers produce a glue formula. This formula applied on a surface creates a durable and waterproof adhesive.

    Equally, the combinations are best to apply on rubber, wood, metal, and plastic materials. Epoxies are very versatile and dry faster than other similar formulas.

    The epoxy resin is great to use on hardwoods. It has made possible new designs in the furniture world.

    Multi-Purpose Glue – This type of glue is commonly used for everyday life. The best examples are wood glues, white glues, etc. They are ideal for porous materials like fabric, paper, and wood. Due to the active ingredient, it does not work on metal and plastic. However, the glues are easy to apply but do not offer the bind strongly.

    Moldable Glue – The other glues we already have classified above are liquid, but this one is moldable and has a sticky texture. Moldable glue dries with evaporation and forms the desired shape. Also, you can manipulate to get a specific pattern.

    Again, the drying process takes effect after 30 minutes. The formula is shock-resistant and easy to apply on hard-to-reach areas.

    Learn more about glues.


    Applicator: One of the major parts of using glue is to know how to apply it on surfaces. Glue can turn into messy substances and might be hard to clean up. Therefore, most liquid glues come in a nozzle container for easy application. Equally, you’ll see some glue container that includes a brush so that it becomes easy to apply on small areas.

    Flexibility: The plastic component of a vehicle is quite flexible and easily bendable. Therefore, adhesives ought to be flexible for proper holding. Rigid glue will crack or break off easily. Thus automotive bonds are formulated to withstand car vibration during rigorous rides.

    Weather Resistant: Car components have better engineering so that they can cope with any weather condition. If it happens to use automotive glues on any plastic parts, it will be wise to select ones that have weatherproof qualities.

    Moreover, the exterior parts of cars face rough weather conditions. So, it’ll be the right decision to use waterproof auto glues for car exterior usage.

    The outer parts of the vehicles get exposed to water during rainfall and some other natural circumstances. That’s why the exterior of your car requires an adhesive with heat and UV-resistant properties.

    Electric Insulation: Many adhesives serve as electric insulators. The wiring in a vehicle and other electric parts will necessarily need insulated glue. It helps in adhering to cables and at the same time prevents the spark or electric shock.

    With the features, types, and benefits of Glues for automotive plastics mentioned above, you would be able to choose the best glue for your automotive plastics.

    Final Verdict

    The automotive plastic glues on our list have a good solution for you. You can choose to prioritize your requirement. These glues are excellent for filling cracks, repairing trims, and molding. We have collected these plastic adhesives regardless of the materials you want to amend. Each item has superior strength to hold things together.

    These adhesives may be an instant solution to your car trims. So, you can keep one for any emergent repair. Hundreds of options are out there, but we have shortened the alternatives. We have enlisted the right things for a wise pick here. I hope you’ll get a fantastic result, no doubt. They can withstand any weather condition and natural elements.

    Also, purchasers do not need to worry about the application method. Each item comes with the required tools to get the job done.

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