5 Best Rear Facing Car Seat for Small Car [In 2023]

Unlike an experienced dad, finding the best rear facing car seat for small car may be a painful judgment for new parents when it is their first-hand buying experience. Without troubling your baby in a car, a rear-facing car seat is necessary for driving potentially. The rear-facing car seats are likely to be more secure and easy to remove in and out from the car. These car seats are also a safe zone for the kids under two years or those who are yet to fit the back seat.

Most infant seats are rear-facing, but the convertible seats have both options. In both cases, the rear-facing seats are well balanced and secure. They strictly maintain the standard safety measures set by the NHTSA.

When it’s time to select the right seat for your baby, many factors will appear before you. Safety, security, and compatibility with stroller systems, ease of use, size of your vehicle, and a few more things may halt you for a moment to bring them into consideration. The budgets may also be a factor to contemplate in search of a rear-facing convertible car seat.

However, proper market research may ease your way to choosing the right thing. I hope this round-up will help you pick the right seat for your car.

5 Best Rear Facing Car Seat Reviews

1. Safety 1st Convertible Car Seat Guide 65


Perfect for small cars, Safety 1st car seat accepts 5 to 40 pounds kids rear-facing and forward-facing for older babies. It is a 5-point harness car seat weight limit up to 65 pounds maximum. It provides extra protection to the infant with its innovative side impact protection system.

This removable seat can fit the back seat side by side, and the comfort pillow gives extra security and comfort. It meets the JPMA and ASTM safety standards.

Safety first comes with head and neck support to the babies lying on it. Any parents will like this car seat for easy removal, level lines, and the washable cover that covers it.

In Detail

The safety 1st guide 65 recall gives you more room in the car, and it fits perfectly in a small car as a comfort zone. The safety 1st guide 65 convertible car seat chambers are removable, compact, and compatible with your car’s back seat. So, it’s perfect for carrying babies in your small car in both rear-facing and forward-facing.

Its compact design is most likely to fit in the back seat in most small vehicles. The adjustable headrest will give the kid a comfort zone to get relaxed inside, and the 5 point harness heights will provide extra protection and security if any accident occurs.

The 3-buckle locations and side-impact protection system will ensure the car seat position to keep it safe from jerking. The adjustable headrest is customizable to fit your kid’s size. The removable lumbar body pillows are designed to keep your baby in comfort in the car seat.

It comes in both two options: rear-facing and forward-facing. In rear-facing mode, the minimum baby weight is 5 pounds and a maximum of 40 pounds. For forward-facing, it starts from 22 pounds maximizing 65 pounds. And overall, the seat is not more than 40 pounds of weight.

Buying Advice

It is a solid option for infants and toddlers, and parents will be benefited since it will allow them not to change it every few months. Before considering this car seat, be sure of the size of your baby and car. It is designed to fit with small cars, though it is compatible with any backside seats.

Both front and rear-facing options are available with this seat, so you no longer need to buy a forward-facing seat a few months later. But be sure if the car you are driving is compatible with this seat. Check the product recalls.

2. Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat


If you intend to install rear-facing car seats in the back seat in your small car, the Combi Coccoro compact and lightweight car seat may likely be fit to your needs. Its Tru-Safe side-impact covering, 15.5 inches in width, can help you move from car to car and install in tight space.

The comfy design of the Combi seat includes soft foam and deep sidewall, meaning that it will work as a safeguard for the neck and head of your child.

It also comes with a buckle indicator and tether connector strap for fastening the harness in rear-facing. Learn why tethering is vital for car seats on a drive. This comfortable, compact rear-facing seat is for 3-33 lbs infants and toddlers.

In Detail

As a parent of multiple kids owning a small car will likely fit the bill having the slim Combi Coccoro. The adjustable 5 point harness is perfect for four heights so that you can make a proper fit for your growing kids.

It is compact and lightweight, and at the same time, it ensures side impact protection. The deep sidewall and the foam keep your child inside with security that makes you happy in mind when driving.

Thanks to its LATCH connectors that help install the car seat by just pushing a button for rear-facing or forward-facing. This premium push-button is excellent for setting up the car seat ease.

The Tru-Safe side-impact infant insert provides perfect positioning so that it becomes safe for your infant’s neck, spine, and head on a drive. The energy-absorbing foam provides better comfort inside the seat and removes the fear of the parent’s mind.

The Coccoro convertible seat comes with a buckle and an indicator to ensure the buckle securely clasps in the right position. The width is 15.5″ wide that allows installation even in a tight space. So, you can install 3-seats side by side on the back seat.

The seat is portable and easy to remove. This FAA-certified car seat is the most well-known travel car seat.

Buying Advice

What makes you happy to buy this car seat are a 5-point harness, Tru-safe side collision protection system, and the buckle indicator. The easy-care covering and harness pads are the most welcoming features any mom will love.

However, before you go for this car seat, carefully look into other features and your baby size to fit with the seat in your car. This car seat allows both rear-facing and forward-facing sitting opportunities. If your baby is 3-33ls, it’s the right choice for you rear-facing. Of course, you can carry a toddler weighing 20-40lbs when forward-facing.

Overall, happy shopping for this affordable car seat!

3. Tribute Convertible Child Safety Car Seats


Parents sometimes look for long-lasting car seats thinking that they may last for almost 10 to 12 years. Maybe it will happen, but you have to spend a big on such heavy car seats.

But in real life, most parents can’t afford such costly car seats. They also don’t want them to possess since they are laborious to carry from one car to another. Moreover, kids do not grow at the same growth ratio. So, it becomes evident to change the seat after certain years of age.

For such reasons, parents now a day prefer to choose smaller seats like Evenflo Tribute. Evenflo Tribute is a compact, convertible and lightweight car seat at an affordable rate any parents can afford.

The USA-made Evenflo polyester seat is only 9.29 pounds, so it’s portable and easily removable from one place to another. This affordable car seat comes with an integrated cushion that provides comfort to the kids. The multiple harness positions allow better fitting on a child’s shoulder.

The side-impact and the body pillow provide comfort and safety of kids’ heads and necks. It has passed the USA safety standard as well.

In Detail

Evenflo is one of the best convertible child safety car seats; any parent will love to have one. It is safe, sturdy, and affordable, so most parents will afford to pick this car seat.

The material of this car seat is 100% polyester, and it is made in the USA. This compact, convertible seat provides comfort and impact protection.

The Tribute is a great fit because it has multiple harness positions. It makes it convenient to adjust on a kid’s shoulder. The buckle release help fastening the harness with ease and convenience.

The added value of it is a cup holder. You can fold up it to fit in with another seat for more passengers.

Most parents love it because of its sturdiness, and it is cheap compared to other car seats. This car seat is recommended for children less than 18 months.

You can buy it for your kids weighing 5lbs to 40lbs. It is an excellent removable car seat weighing only 9.29 lbs, so it is easy to move from one place to another.

The criticism is that it’s only 40lbs. Such a weight limit may not last long, and the parent will require changing it when her baby is growing fast.

Buying Advice

When most convertible car seats allow kids up to 65 pounds, Tribute Evenflo does it for only 40lbs. So, before finalizing, be sure at which level your kid is now. And keep in mind that you have to change it when your kid crosses 40lbs. For more info about the age group of children for safety sitting on a car, go here.

The good news is that it is not costly and high-end car seat. Anytime, you can dive into a new version, not spending much on it.

However, the polyester fabrics and the comfy foam cushion, adjustable harness, structural integrity, and overall security standard prove it as an ideal choice for parents.

4. Graco Rear Facing Convertible Car Seat


A kid feels comfort nowhere else but its mom’s lap. Next to that, it finds the best place to lie down on a cradle. Graco’s rear-facing car seat comes with a removable body insert that provides safety and comfort to the kid who finds it lying down on a cradle.

The seat has both rear-facing and forward-facing sitting positions. An extension panel provides 5-inches extended legroom for the child. It allows up to 50 pounds of rear-facing, while most other car seats do it up to 40 pounds.

The no-rethread harness keeps your son’s headrest in one motion. Ten position headrests will allow adjustment even during your kid’s growing up.

And six reclining positions accept maximum reclining angle at a lying position, which will ensure extra protection for your child.

In Detail

If you want a rear-facing ride longer, Graco is a perfect choice. It allows extra 10lbs compared to other infant car seats. When most other convertible seats allow 40 pounds maximum, it gives you a safe travel facility by 50 pounds.

Moreover, it has a 4-position extension panel to facilitate extra 5-inch rear-facing space.

The no-rethread adjustment system provides one motion headrest and harness position. And the LATCH with a push-button allows quick attachment.

The harness storage out there will help for a quick move. And integrated cup holders will store your baby’s water bottle and other snacks so that the baby can reach them with ease.

Buying Advice

Graco comes out of ProtectPlus engineering and technology, a proven technology providing rigorous collision tests. You can be safe and secure on drive keeping your child on a Graco car seat having peace in mind.

But it might seem to be a bit bulky rear-facing. Kids may act uncomfortable with the fabrics.

However, this car seat is the best in class for both rear-facing and forward-facing car seat solutions.

5. Chicco Rear/Forward Facing Convertible Car Seat


We have already dealt with some lightweight, compact rear-facing car seats in our list. This time, we’ll show you a rear-facing convertible car seat, which is a whole package. It comes with multiple user-friendly features that are worth your investment.

Easy to install, comfortable, and great for safety features, this car seat has a longer life span for growing kids. It may look like an early model, but don’t be mislead because it has already been refined several times after years.

It is super easy to install for its 9 reclining position system. Excellent installation is possible with only its seat belt and the latch. A deep shell with energy-absorbing soft foam keeps your kid inside safely. It is a superior grade DuoGuard system to protect your child.

The zip-off padding system is machine washable and always praiseworthy for convenient usage.

In Detail

Many well-known car seats got praises for their excellent supporting features. But very few of them are easy to clean and difficult to install. Keeping that in mind, Chicco comes with a good balance combining those missing opportunities.

Chicco car seat is machine washable and easy to install with only a seat belt and the LATCH. It has a steel frame with a side impact shield to protect kids inside during a sudden jerking.

Nine adjustment positions are to fit with the seat belt for quick adjustment. Two safe cup holders provide extra room for kid’s legs. The zip-off cushion is easy to shift and replace. So, it’s better for your convenience.

Chicco NextFit is a convertible rear and forward-facing car seat. It can accommodate children up to 5 to 65 pounds in both positions. The maximum height limit is 49 inches. It comes with a good harness position and headrest for the safety of your kid’s head and neck.

At a glance – the car seat has a LATCH system, a seat belt for installation, and a no-rethread harness for ease of use.

The model is lightweight and has only 19-inch width, a machine washable cover, and a harness tightener that always supports the easy installation.

Buying Advice

NextFit combines almost everything a car seat needs. It is super easy to install and allows removal from the base to transfer to another car seat.

Its steel frame allows it to support for the long run. However, this superior-grade car seat is perfect for large cars. If you intend to buy a car seat for a small car, it is better to switch to other compact and lightweight car seats above.

What to Look for in a Rear-Facing Car Seat for Small Car

Safety and Security

Most car seats have rear and side-impact protection so that the kids don’t encounter an accident. The soft energy absorbing cushion protects the baby’s head, neck, and spinal cord.

Ease of installation

The most convertible car seat has a seat belt and the LATCH system that help to install a car seat easily and fast. Sometimes, the built-in tethers come to your assistance to make the way easy. The LATCH system may restrict the weight limit. So, keep that in mind when proceed to install your car seat.

Strap Design

If it has a 5-point harness, that is nice. Otherwise, be more conscious about strap design. Be careful if it does not twist and allows proper buckling of your kid into the seat.

Leg Room

Legroom provides enough space for the footrest to sit comfortably rear-facing or front. Graco Extend2Fit offers enough rear-facing legroom.

On the other hand, Diono seats offer ample legroom for kids to sit frog-legged. The Nuna Rava offers uncomfortably small legroom for your kids when rear-facing.

Lightweight and Portability

If you choose it for a small car, the right thing will be to pick a lightweight and portable car seat. It will allow you to remove with ease and fast. You can then shift and carry that from one place to other.


When choosing a car seat, take care of the fabric and other materials it is made. Softness and sturdy structure will provide a comfy atmosphere inside and give you long-lasting opportunities. Also, it is a factor to consider how easy it is to wash the mashes.


What do you look for in a rear-facing car seat?

Three significant viewpoints we generally look for in a rear-facing car seat. The 3 key aspects are how easy they are to use, how easy they are to install, and also how safety protection they provide.

When should you buy a rear-facing car seat?

New parent faces such questions in mind for the lack of sufficient knowledge. Different research centers and universities find it is better to keep kids rear-facing until they reach 2 years. Of course, it is wise to keep them rear-facing as long as it is possible.

When should a rear-facing car seat be forward-facing?

Mom can determine that easily by carefully looking at her baby. If her child is left behind 1 inch or crosses the weight limit of 40 pounds, generally, it is considered that the kid has gone outgrown and should move for forward-facing. But typically, the age limit is 2-years.

Wrap Up

A lot of things we have already dealt with about rear-facing car seats. It’s now time to pick the right fit. You are now well aware of which rear-facing seat is the best fit for your car. But if you ask me, I’ll surely recommend the Combi seat for your small car. Tribute 5 Evenflo is the affordable option for a mom, but the Graco will give you what you really need.

However, we have enlisted the perfect lightweight and affordable car seats you can choose. For any asking, you are always welcome to comment.

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