Best Trailer Hitches (Reviews & Towing Guide) 2023

You might do wrong if you think hitches do merely towing trailers. They have many uses for fitting a cargo space, hooking up plows mounting snow blades for snowplow or adding a bike rack. The best trailer hitch becomes handy when it helps a large pickup van loading items in the truck bed.

All types of campers are today a common scenario on our roads. This new form of hauling process is handy for drivers. So, people are choosing trailers for their family needs now a day.

A hitch may be a helping hand and open the boundless possibilities for truck owners or SUVs. The good thing is to learn a bit about the trailer hitch when you finally decide to pick. You’ll get the in-depth discussion in the latter part. The synopsis is that among the 5-different types of hitches, your needs may vary depending on how heavy the trailer hitch is and how larger the tube you need.

Vehicle towing capacity is significant for selecting trailer hitch. Heavy-duty and upper-grade hitches are nice but not perfect if your vehicle can’t tow.

If you are looking for a hitch for your travel trailer, the below list with our top-notch, heavy-duty, and lightweight hitches will surely meet your choice.

Best Trailer Hitch Comparison Chart

Images Product Title Bottom Line Price
CURT brand
CURT 14017 Trailer Hitch
  • Key Features: All terrain hitch, maximum weight capacity, versatile, rust-free kit
B and W ball mount
B&W Trailer Hitch
  • Key Features: Multi ball size, height adjustable, rust-free, sturdy & durable
TOPSKY Tri-ball Mount
TOPSKY Tri-Ball Hitch
  • Key Features: Multi drop and rise adjustment, 3 shank sizes, rust free & durable
GEN-Y Hitch
GEN-Y Mega-Duty Dual Receiver Hitch
  • Key Features: Heavy-duty, rust-resistant, easily adjustable, safe and versatile
Andersen Hitch
Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch
  • Key Features: Lightweight & heavy-duty, sway controled, self-adjustment, easy and quick installation

3 Best Trailer Hitch Reviews

1. Top-Notch – CURT 14017 Class IV Trailer Hitch

CURT company introduces a monster, CURT 14017, which is top-notch in our list of the best trailer hitches for its GTW 10000 lbs hauling capacity. It has TW 1000 lbs and WDC 12000 lbs weight capacity as well.

The class 4 standard, the hitch comes with a standard 2-inch/2-inch hitch receiver.

It has a unique dual-coat finish to keep it rust-free. Additionally, it will give you scopes to use accessories like a tow hook or ball mount for a wide range of towing capacities.

Features & Performance

CURT trailer hitches offer you a custom fit for almost all vehicles. Any pickup trucks, vehicle model GMC Sierra 1500 or Chevrolet, van, trailer, or even Marine personal crafts also allow the hitch to fit the right way.

CURT is a renowned brand in the USA, and they have engineered the custom design of the CURT hitches, meaning that these receiver hitches have no flimsy construction. These class IV hitches are the right fit to carry SUVs, ATVs, and fish boats. Not only does it, but it also provides storage for hauling a cargo career.

After all, it offers a massive towing capacity ranging from 2,000 lbs to 20,000.

It also offers you a stable towing experience no other hitch can give you. The weight distribution hauling capacity is about 10,000 lbs, which is excellent for this hitch. The 2-inch receiver tube it comes with is great that allows ball mounting. A 2/2-inch shank opening is perfect for the installation of a ball mount.

As you know, the hitch is made in the USA; no doubt, you will get a quality design and fine finish. Both manual and robotic welding is applied during the manufacture ensuring quality and durability. Utmost appreciation is welcoming for its unique co-curing engineering. The hitch has a fine co-curing black coat finish to prevent rust, which ultimately ensures durability.

Whether you are traveling for a long journey for hiking, fishing, camping, or you are on a long drive for your business, this CURT 14017 trailer hitch will be your friend in need alongside your car, SUV, or truck.

  • Strong weight capacity
  • Rust-resistant dual coat finish
  • A wide range of towing opportunities
  • Custom-fit for almost all vehicles
  • Made in the USA
  • Pros
  • Disadvantageous for low light jobs
  • Expensive

  • 2. Runner Up – B&W Dual Ball Trailer Hitch Tow & Stow

    This one is our second choice, and it never fails to perform. Multiple ball sizes, height adjustment, and stowing facilities are the most common things that should be mindful of purchasing this hitch.

    I used B&W dual ball hitch to my truck last year and found it was a rock-solid vehicle accessory. It is supposed to be the best hitch I would like to buy again, and the main reason I like it is its quality feature.

    The key things are its dual ball sizes and that it fits the 2.5-inch receiver. It has an 8.5-inch drop & a 9-inch rise adjustable option. The gross weight capacity of this hitch exceeds 14,500 lbs, which is higher than the so-called hitches.

    Features & Performance

    B&W supplies the hitch that lasts and is exactly what you need. It can tow up to the standard 10,000 lbs and is adjustable for level towing. It comes with multiple ball sizes meaning that you no longer need additional ball mounts.

    The sturdy construction will give you a long-lasting user experience, and it allows you to tow underneath the vehicle when not in use, meaning that it will be the peace of your mind for not change it each year.

    The two-step finish protects the in and out of the vehicle kit for no corrosion. The E-coat finish provides clear-clad decoration for extra protection, while the black coat finish gives a strong shield on the base system of the hitch. Ultimately, you are winning a durable hitch system that B&W is offering. Learn more here about how E-coating works.

    This trailer hitch fits a 2.5-inch receiver to allow towing 10,000 lbs. Also, note that it can haul even 14,500 to 21,000 lbs if a 2.5-inch and a 3-inch shank model is attached. The hitch also features a 5-inch drop and 2 x 2-5/16-inch dual balls to enhance versatility.

    The only issue we found it lacks a hitch pin. This pin, of course, is not so expensive and available right in your nearby shop.

  • Powerful & excellent hauling capacity
  • Dual ball sizes; so no additional ball mounts
  • Two-step finish for no rusts
  • Versatile & maximum adjustability
  • Pros
  • Durable but expensive
  • Lacks the hitch pin

  • 3. Best Value – TOPSKY Tri-Ball Trailer Hitch

    We have our best value pack here. It’s super powerful for small to medium weight capacity, and you’ll like it because the price is low. The TOPSKY hitch is reasonable and serves you as most other hitch accessories do for lightweight hauling.

    The good thing is that it offers maximum towing capacity by this range. If it matches your needs, I think it’ll be an ideal option to choose. This hitch fits almost all-terrain vehicles with a 2-inch hitch receiver.

    When most other expensive kits allow 10,000 lbs, this inexpensive kit can also draw the same weight for small vehicles. This pulling kit is sturdy, compact, and rust-free. It will give you an easy installation and faster towing service.

    Features & Performance

    This Tri-ball hitch comes with 3 different towing capacities depending on the ball size. It is subject to all-terrain vehicle purposes. You can set it up for pickup, truck, or tractor, but be sure they have a 2-inch standard hitch receiver.

    This trailer hitch has a low to an expected range of hauling capacity. You can select the pulling range from 2,000 lbs and the standard 10,000 lbs. You have, of course, an option to choose from the mid-range of 6,000 lbs.

    This hitch is undoubtedly a sturdy kit. It is more reliable because it has a durable powder coat finish to protect from road salt, rainwater, or corrosive substances. Moreover, the alloy steel construction makes it a durable hitch that ensures long-term use.

    When you intend to pick a hitch, it will be wise to consider how easy it is to install. It is super easy and fast for TOPSKY. You should insert the handle into the hitch receiver first for a quick setup. And then use a hitch pin to lock it (not available with this pack). Keep in mind, a 2-inch receiver is perfect and required for the installation.

    It is a versatile kit that allows drop and rise adjustability. The backside of this hitch is that it comes with no hitch pin. You can separately buy it from your nearby shop. The good side is that it is affordable, durable, and easy to use.

  • Triple ball mounts
  • Multi-towing capacity
  • Black coat finish; so durable
  • Easy to install
  • Pros
  • No hitch pin available
  • Not perfect as a high-end trailer hitch

  • Tips

    Along the way to finding the right trailer hitch, we learn some tips to share with you. These tips will guide you not forsaking essential kits and the installation process. It may also help you pick the right things you need.

    • First of all, carefully pay attention to your vehicle’s weight capacity and the hitch you intend to buy right now. Any mismatch may be the reason for accidents or unsafe hauling.
    • As a beginner, it will be wise for you to select a good ball mount with a standard towing capacity.
    • Carefully look into the hitch receiver size and hitch mounts. Otherwise, it may be a hassle for installation.
    • Hire a professional for the installation process if you are not the right fit. Professionals will help and guide you for first-hand experience. Learn why professional hitch installation is important.
    • Look into if there are drop and rise adjustability options available. Sometimes, hitch tongue and hook might be missing, which you like to have. Also, a hitch pin is a helpful kit that should not be missing.

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