5 Best Truck Accessories Right Fit for Smart Trucks (2023)

Truck drivers face different weird circumstances every day on the drive. In any unwanted circumstances, the day may go to hell for the driver. So, to make sure smart driving, the followings are the best truck accessories that will help you drive more efficiently and confidently.

Moreover, some cool truck accessories will give your truck a better look. We have selected some essential and helpful kits for the truck interior and beds, which will add value to the truck setup. So let’s go and find which one is fit for your truck right now.

Drop hitch or ball mounts are the best-in-class truck accessories that will help you carry heavy load vehicles behind. This Tri-Ball Mount has adjustable ball sizes in three measurements – 1-7/8-inches, 2-inches, and 2-5/16-inches.

Weight capacity is also excellent. Towing capacity is almost 2000 pounds. The smallest one can carry up to 600 pounds, while a 2-inch hitch’s gross weight capacity is 6000 pounds.

The largest ball can tackle 10000 pounds of weight capacity, which is indeed clever. Besides this tri-ball mount, you can also have alternative options for weight distribution hitches. You can find a trailer hitch or an electric trailer hitch as well. It will primarily depend on your necessities.

2. Best Truck Winch – WARN 103252 VR EVO Electric Winch

When your truck gets stuck, you feel like having a winch to lift it. But what is the best truck winch you should pick? We have chosen a winch for you guys that will never fail to pick your truck from the rocky rough terrains, sands, or even muddy canals.

Our selection is WARN 103252 Winch, which we think is the best suited for trucks, cars, and SUVs.

Let’s get started with reading what it has included.

It is a standard duty winch of about 10,000 lbs capacity, ideal for jeeps, SUVs, and Pick Trucks.

This high-performance winch provides excellent control, faster speed, and a super low amp draw. The remote control system is its added advantage you will like, no doubt. The remote comes with both wired and wireless options so, you can use it in the ways you feel most useful.

Most likely, it works great for its planetary gear train. Excellent controls, waterproof constructions, and performance make it a diversified winch kit for vehicles. Comparatively, this winch is superior to any other brands available right now. It is engineered and tested in the USA, and you know Warn is a renowned brand. You can trust it for its performance and durability.

3. Best Truck Mud Flaps – Red Hound Premium

People like to improve their vehicle’s appearance, and the mud flap does it instantly.

The truck tire produces stone chips near the rear bumper, and watery mud creates rust when the wheels pass through the water. The mud flaps work great to protect wheels from rust and stone chips.

If you want mud flaps to reduce stone chips and keep clean the truck tires, Red Hound premium mud flaps will be the best option for you.

This custom-molded mudguard works like gloves and is compatible with most vehicles. Heavy-duty polymer mad guards are not fragile and last long. A set of 4 pieces of mud flaps are available for both front and rear fitment.

It has a maximum width to fit wide tires and prevent mud from spreading. Moreover, it has a perfect design to allow vehicles to turn left and right without obstacles. Installation is easy, and you can set it up yourself. Also, a manual is available to assist you when needed.

4. Wireless Backup Camera for Truck Pickup Car

Once you’ve set up a backup camera, you’ll wonder how you ever drove without it. A backup camera will show you the parking area and other vehicles in some weird situation. When you need to see the backside of your car, it will show a video screen in front. You can then go back to the exact position. A backup camera is, after all, a lifesaver.

DoHonest wireless backup camera is our deal. It is a great overall value to purchase. It has brought you a lot of handy features by the price.

DoHonest comes with a wireless design, and the stable signal system makes it convenient on a drive. The large size monitor connects to the backup camera.

The powerful camera can cover a 600ft area with a wireless connection. It is safer and allows you to park your vehicle in a tight space with ease.

The wireless design makes it super easy to install and provides clear and uninterrupted videos.

This multifunctional camera system allows you to line up horizontally and vertically. Its 2.4G anti-interference provides digital signals. The parking assist line will show you the exact position to park safely.

Two channels and a multifunctional intelligent switch allow you to use two cameras and show videos from different angles. Durable, waterproof camera lasts long. Overall, it’s a nice pick for car owners.

5. SwingCase for Truck Bed

If you carefully look at you will notice that the truck bed offers sufficient space. It may be vulnerable when goods are left on the truck bed without an organizer. The good thing is to add a SwingCase storage box on the truck bed to keep things safe.

SwingCase is one of the distinctive truck accessories no one will deny availing of its benefits.

Let’s see what our selection comes with and what benefits you may get from that.

UnderCover SwingCase is a heavy-duty storage box made of molded plastic that never slides on the bed. Instead, it gets stuck with the backside of the bed surrounding a small space.

The UnderCover SwingCase is most popular with users because it keeps a 3-inch distance from the bed, is compatible with almost all the tonneau covers, and you can easily get access it from the tailgate.

It comes with a lid and allows you to lock it the right way. It keeps things dry and secured inside.

The case can swing over 180°, and it reaches the tailgate, meaning that it allows you to get access to the contents inside. It will not require you to remove the tonneau cover to access the box.

The installation is easy and quick. You can smoothly turn it near the tailgate and attach it to the truck bed, spending no more space at all. It is a nice and ideal storage box.

Final Thoughts

Having a subwoofer inside the truck may be a nice thing when you drive alone. A winch will be a handy and time saver if you get stuck.

Moreover, truck bed lighting might be helpful frequently since it enlightens inside the tonneau cover.

You can add a storage box like the swing case on the truck bed. It may help you store your handy kits.

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