Best UTV Winch Reviews and Guide [2023]

For serious Powersports enthusiasts, getting a good quality winch is a must. And often, people land with the wrong product in the market. One that is cheaply made that gets easily broken. So how do you end up with the best UTV winch?

The answer is to research and review what other people talk about. This article is meant to help those looking for the best winches for their UTVs. Below is a detailed discussion of the features and benefits, including the pros and cons of the product. These shortlisted winches are our final pick based on our research internet and other people’s review. And we would like to share them with you to relieve you of the hassle of doing it on your own.

Table of Best UTV Winches

Images Product Title Price
superwinch terra 35sr
  • Superwinch 3500lbs/1591kg Winch
warn vrx 45 specs
  • Warn VRX 45-S Winch
4,000 lb winch with synthetic rope
  • Champion 4000 lb Winch
black ops winch review
  • Superatv Black Ops Winch
viper recovery winch
  • Motoalliance Viper Midnight Winch

5 Best UTV Winch Reviews This Year

1. Best Pick: Superwinch Terra 3500 lb Winch

It is a highly efficient winch that consumes low amperage – making it one of the best UTV winches out there. It can deliver high-end power, making it a super powerful winch system that is versatile and durable. So, for any Powersports out there, this winch is something to consider.

Features and Performance

This winch has a fairlead with a roller system. A mounting plate, a hand-operated remote, and a toggle bar are the main components of this winch system. The steel drum it comes with can adopt synthetic rope or steel cable. It also includes planetary gear and oil pocket bearings. The 1.6 hp motor it comes with ensures a low-amperage draw, which only an energy-efficient winch kit can do.

At 50 feet pull rating, it can support almost 3,500 lbs line pull on a steel wire rope. The weather-resistant engine gets easy access to the vehicle’s battery. It can hold the motorized load, and the dynamic braking system can avoid rope slippage in the event of a power failure or surge.

It also has a solenoid and a protective circuit breaker, which makes it safe and reliable for users. An extension cable is out there to make it safe to operate from a distance. The heavy-duty and sturdy construction never compromises hauling capacity, and it promises to pull you out of tight spots.

  • Simple and easy wiring
  • A remote switching option
  • Sufficient length of rope
  • Great power but a low-amperage draw
  • Pros
  • Wire rope kinks if not properly winded
  • Instruction documentation is not aligned

  • 2. Best Overall: WARN VRX 45-S Powersports Winch

    WARN has won the brand name that people cannot say about car recovery but Warn winches. It is, in fact, the most popular and in great-demand recovery system on the market.

    Warn Powersports winch can sustain all the levels of execution without failure. That is why it is classified as one of the hardest performing winches for UTVs.

    Highly reliable, this winch is powerful and durable, and you will appreciate its sturdy construction and user-friendly design. A reasonable budget may create interest in this model.

    Powersports is highly reliable and durable. The gears perform better for smooth operation, are waterproof and corrosion resistant, and new technological engineering is there to build its design. Altogether, making it in-demand equipment for UTV owners.

    Features and Performance

    Built with a 4,500 lb capacity powerful motor, this winch is perfect for any UTV. It has a synthetic rope, a perfectly finished hawse fairlead, and a zinc-plated hook to make it a feature-enriched winch. It also has a black coat finish, so it doesn’t rust underwater. The planetary gear system, it has, works in three stages to pull the winch rope with significant control.

    The 2 feet wire allows both the options to use synthetic rope or steel cable. You also have the preference to choose the lb capacity ranging from 2,500 lbs to 3,500 lbs.

    A new clutch design it comes with based on the four-wheeled locking system. A mounting plate or compatible bumper is required to mount this winch on your vehicle. It has a dash mount control switch to help your work from a distance without using manual action.

    Moreover, a corded remote control will come to your assistance for smooth pulling. And a mechanical brake allows more control over it.

    This winch is a tried and tested pulling kit having a great towing strap. The clutch is easy to engage and disengage and capable of operating flawlessly. The only issue we found is compatibility with the front bumper.

    It may require you to buy a compatible bumper or a mounting plate to set it in the correct position.

    Another significant issue is its price range. It is costly, and it exceeds any of its classes. However, if you want the ‘best’ it is any other way second to none. A 1/4-inch/ 50 feet synthetic rope, sturdy construction, planetary gear, remote control, and IP68-rated motor housing deserve the price.

  • Nice break control
  • Powerful, quiet, and corrosion resistant
  • A large synthetic rope
  • Control switch and a remote control
  • Pros
  • Tough to install
  • Require a mounting plate

  • 3. Best Value: Champion 4000 lbs Winch for UTV

    A low budget means you’re going to lose great things is a false statement. Instead, if you know the quality products, a budget-friendly model may also be a perfect choice for your needs. This one is such a model that serves you with the maximum benefits.

    It is one of the most convenient winches and a workhorse operated by only a 1.4 hp motor. A perfect line pull of 4000 lbs is suitable for UTVs. It is a convenient, hassle-free, and efficient winch with almost everything you need to operate for pulling UTVs, snowmobiles, or any lightweight vehicles.

    It has a very good combination of power and performance.

    Features and Performance

    At a low budget, you are picking a feature-enriched model so far. It has almost everything a winch should have. Not only does it, but it is also affordable – most likely, a big bang for the buck.

    Along with a 1.4 hp motor, it has a rated line pull of 4000 lbs, which is perfect for UTVs.

    Unlike the earlier model, it comes with a mounting channel, cables, and connectors. The channel and the connector will allow you to mount it on the top or side by side on the vehicle. Moreover, a roller fairlead and the wiring kit ensure smooth line pull. The free and smooth roller system never stops the rope pull in or out.

    The galvanized steel cable is flexible and has less or no chance of being fragile. The line rolls out onto a drum through a reliable roller fairlead. It can withstand any rocky, muddy, or sandy, rough terrain.

    The winch includes planetary gear with a free spooling clutch and a handlebar. This tree-stage gear system offers excellent control over the winch.

    A dynamic braking system lets the winch stop automatically during an emergent circumstance. Overall, the winch comes with a design that prioritizes safety and performance.

    The winch boasts a line speed of 3.3 ft per minute at full load and 12.8 ft per minute when it becomes empty. Other features of the winch include a heavy-duty hook and a handy strap that is lightweight and compact.

  • Excellent power and performance
  • On/side-by-side mounting option
  • Less or not prone to fraying
  • A good design of safety and performance
  • Pros
  • Not elegant looking
  • Missing a starter solenoid

  • 4. SuperATV Black Ops UTV Winch

    This winch is garnered for its superior quality and value for the money. It has a good pulling force to pull heavy loads. It is a nice tool to drag trees, vehicles, boulders, or fallen objects out of the way. This equipment will surely take you out of the way when you get stuck in mud, sand, or snow.

    Features and Performance

    It is 100% guaranteed that the winch fits any machine-specific mounting plate. It can be paired with the mounting plate of the same brand if you want to go for a unified look. It has a mounting bolt pattern with a line pull rate of 201 lbs. It also features wireless remote control and a fixed location for the dashboard mounting. The construction of the winch is solid and comes with the complete setup to run the wiring through the battery box.

    The winch also includes a 50 ft synthetic rope and a free-spooling mechanism, meaning it is now smooth and easy for winching. The overall weight of the winch is 30 lbs. You can bolt it with ease.

    There is also a preference to upgrade this tool to a larger spooling capacity if you aim to pull more loads. And the option to downgrade the load capacity is still in your hand. Either way, you can operate this winch kit to get maximum benefits.

  • User-friendly and comes with an electric wiring system
  • Includes a wireless remote control
  • Good value for money
  • Perfect for both lightweight and heavy load capacity
  • Pros
  • Cheap remote switch
  • The mounting plate is separated

  • 5. MotoAlliance VIPER UTV Winch

    It is a top choice for those whose passion is going off-road frequently. It is one of the midnight series of MotoAlliance winches. Over the last few years, this manufacturer has launched different editions designed for UTVs.

    This viper winch has numerous dependable features. As the name suggests, it has a 4500 lb capacity, meaning it can tow UTVs very well. The 6,000 lb version is available, but most people think it’s the right fit.

    Features and Performance

    All Midnight models are renovated from their earlier states to ensure competencies. This model is also an upgraded version with a max of 4500 lbs load capacity. After testing multiple times, it includes an advanced braking system that can hold 100% of its load capacity. So, the ultimate benefit is that it minimizes the rope creep possibilities.

    Most likely, the internal components are fully sealed and compatible with any harsh environment. So, it’s an added benefit.

    It has a 1.8 hp motor fixed with a magnetic system, which can overcome most challenging applications. The winch is compatible with the mounting plate MotoAlliance has. The 3-inch x 4.875-inch plate is available for mounting the industry stand winch system. Popular brand names like Can-Am, Honda, and Polaris are the right fit for this winch.

    The steel planetary gears allow you a smooth winching. It has a handlebar switch and wired remote control. Though it has a shortcoming limiting you to operate from a short distance, you still have the option to buy a separate wireless remote.

    A 50-feet black synthetic rope is sufficient. You can choose colors from orange or green to match your UTV. The winch is protected from dust intrusion and rated IP67.

    Overall, a 4,500 lb viper is perfect for UTVs. If you do not want to have a winch overkill or exclusive, this winch will be the right choice. Hopefully, it will be a wonderful experience for you as first-hand users.

  • Suitable for UTVs
  • Easy to install
  • Highly reliable
  • Universally compatible
  • Pros
  • To some extent, short fairleads
  • Rope replacement consideration

  • Final Verdict

    Given the list, you can now compare to figure out the best UTV winch for you. A quality winch should be powerful, durable, and fits within your budget. Compatibility should not be missed because, at the end of the day, it should fit snugly on your vehicle.

    Of these top 5 winches, the highlights of each are that the Superwinch Terra has great power and versatility. The WARN Powersports Winch is non-stopping and has a good look. The Champion Winch Kit has a complete package, and the MotoAlliance Viper winch is user-friendly and suitable for most UTVs.

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