Best Weight Distribution Hitches (2023 Reviews)

The best weight distribution hitches reviewed with key features and drawbacks, pros, cons & users’ insight.

Drivers are familiar with some of the risky situations that frequently occur during driving. They may lose control over the wheel when the trailer starts wavering. The usage of appropriate safety gear is one approach to prevent tragic consequences.

Unlike other adjustable drop hitches, ball mounts, or trailer hitches, the weight distribution hitches are better for sway control. These hitches have flexible chains or long hitch receivers that distribute weights equally. No instant jerking comes out if even the front vehicle gets jerking.

The ideal weight distribution hitch lowers the likelihood of traffic accidents. As the name suggests, the weight distribution hitch works as a balancing connection between the vehicle and the trailer. Without this kit, a car trailer might be subject to unnecessary stress, longer braking distances, poorer handling, and trailer sway.

So, to help you find the best quality weight distribution hitches, we are here going for the top five products. We will discuss their potential benefits, features, and drawbacks.

5 Best Weight Distribution Hitches This Year

Here’s the list of best weight distribution hitches.

1. Andersen Universal Hitches & Towing System

With a brushed exterior and a sway unit that can self-adjust, the Andersen 3350 hitch is a great choice. It is a silent and straightforward weight distribution hitch you can use when traveling or towing heavy objects.

Its excellent design prevents the trailer from bouncing or swaying. In other words, you feel more secure during your ride due to the innovative and balanced adjustment of the sway unit to the tongue load.

The more weight on the tongue, the more sway control is required. We advise you to keep at least 300 lbs of weight on the tongue to run the right way. If you pay attention to this, the sway unit will adjust accordingly.

It results in superior efficiency and utility for you because it would be impossible for your vehicle to sway ever again. Also, the entire mechanism does not require greasing. It means that this Andersen hitch does not require constant maintenance.

The Andersen 3350 hitch is convenient for any driver who owns multiple trailers due to its adaptability. Its brackets fit various frames, including V-frames, Y-frames, or A-frames.

For improved performance and accessibility when using it, this hitch features a rack, and you can adjust the height according to any situation. Also, they provide more control on your side, no matter what the circumstances are.

Although we recommend it for its convenient and valuable features, the shank might not be big enough to fit all trailer types. Also, you might need to buy additional components separately to control this hitch, including a remote.

  • Self-adjustment of the sway unit
  • Minimal maintenance
  • The adjustable rack
  • Easy removal when required
  • Pros
  • Shank might be short for some vehicle-trailer combinations
  • No remote control

  • 2. CURT 17063 Weight Distribution Hitch

    With its heavy-duty components and lubrication system, the CURT 17063 hitch provides a great experience when towing. It features a grease component integrated into each spring bar that reduces noise.

    For improved control and permanent lubrication, these components are easily accessible. These features provide a quieter towing and more durability. Also, this hitch requires minimal maintenance.

    Whether you need this hitch for regular work or safe towing experiences, we suggest it is a great choice.

    It has various weight capacities meaning it is a highly dependable hitch system. Its strength is excellent for anyone having an RV, camper, or travel trailer since it can pull over 12,000 lbs.

    Because of its carbide exterior, the CURT 17063 hitch is resistant to scratches. Also, this finish protects the kit from dirt, UV damage, rain, or any unpleasant weather conditions.

    It is compatible with almost all classes of trailers, meaning you can remove and use it on any trailer. Due to the inventive and well-balanced adjustment of the sway unit to the tongue load, you feel more secure during your ride.

    When compared to the previous hitch example, it has an adjustable shank. So, no matter your type of trailer, this hitch will perfectly fit it.

    We have two complaints regarding this hitch. Firstly, it might be too heavy at 100 pounds. Secondly, it comes without some components, including the sway unit and trailer ball. For this reason, it might not seem cost-effective.

    However, we highly recommend it for its valuable features and the minimal maintenance requirement.

  • Scratches resistant
  • Compatible with most trailers
  • Noise-free due to its design
  • Easy adjustment and setup
  • Pros
  • One of the heaviest hitches
  • Not independent with all its components

  • 3. Camco 48069 EAZ Weight Distribution Hitch

    We highly recommend the EAZ Elite Hitch because it is one of the well-known hitch systems which is very easy to install. This kit will surely bring durability and convenience to all your towing experiences because of its alloy steel construction. It provides a quieter ride and less noise.

    Compared to the previous hitches on our list, this one comes with all components. So, you can buy it and start using it right away without any trouble. The spring bars and ball mount are pre-installed. So it is more convenient to use.

    Since it comes with pre-installed components and mounting hardware, the installation has become faster. Its latching action is smooth due to its innovative design. It means you can operate the kit with ease and trouble-free.

    Also, the EAZ kit is powerful and possesses a heavy-weight capacity. This hitch system has the strength of 12,000 lbs load capacity and can quickly improve your towing experience.

    However, regarding its drawbacks, we suggest it might not be a good choice if you have a bigger trailer. It is ideal for mid-range trailers due to the fixed, inflexible shank size. Even if it comes with pre-installed components, you will find it difficult to install it. The reason for this is that it might be too heavy at 93.8 pounds for one person.

    Considering all these points, including many other benefits, you should consider this kit when you want to buy and use it within minutes.

  • Pre-installed components
  • Great durability
  • Less noise
  • Adjustable components
  • Pros
  • Extremely heavy
  • Shank size is not adjustable to large trailer

  • 4. Husky Center Line TS Hitch with Spring Bars

    The husky 32218 hitch is the light-weightiest hitch on our list weighing only one pound. Because of its compact design, the Husky hitch with spring bars will be one of the best choices. It is easier to install than other ordinary hitches. Also, it puts less weight on your trailer.

    This hitch has a trunnion style that provides a more balanced weight distribution than other hitches. So, it’s evident that you’ll choose it for better efficiency and performance. Because of this style, the Husky 32218 model is remarkably durable.

    As it suggests, this Husky hitch is resistant to many weather conditions, including rain or UV damage. So, you can rely on it when towing another heavy vehicle for extended periods. No matter if it gets extremely hot or cold, the hitch will not be affected.

    If you start losing control and feel that your trailer is swaying, this hitch will help control it. Because of its innovative design, it performs with an effective time of reaction.

    It provides a quiet and more efficient towing experience than other hitches, which might be heavier.

    Also, you won’t need to spend too much time on the installation process because you do not need to buy additional components. It combines both sway control and weight distribution facilities in a single unit. It is simple to adjust to the size of your car.

    Although this hitch seems perfect, we found one drawback. The Husky Central Line TS has a small tongue load capacity. It can withstand limited weight from 800 to 1,200 lbs on the tongue. For this reason, we found this hitch is not powerful enough for all classes of vehicles.

  • Lightest hitch on our list
  • Easy installation
  • Quick time reaction to swaying
  • UV resistant
  • Extreme durability
  • Pros
  • Limited tongue capacity
  • Sometimes it bounces due to the spring bars

  • 5. Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch

    This Equal-i-zer ‎90-00-1069 hitch kit brings modern technology to the towing system. We highly recommend this hitch kit for its convenience and durability. We found it offers excellent durability for its durable design and 100% steel construction.

    In terms of modern technology, this kit is the only one that has distinct features for sway control. It is resistant to swaying because it comes with a 4-point controlling system.

    This innovative system also helps you better control your vehicle in general. We consider that the braking and the steering will be smooth when using this kit.

    It also saves time installing it on your trailer because the Equal-i-zer ‎hitch comes with pre-installed components. There are a standard shank and a hitch ball with it.

    You can use it to achieve any goal with less effort because it has an inventive sway unit. This single unit combines a sway control system and weight distribution. As a result, it performs faster with better results. This original sway control kit is easy to attach and reattach by a single man. So, it is also time efficient.

    The hitch model includes one of the most innovative technologies for controlling swaying. However, it is not perfect in all respects. At 106 pounds, it is accessively heavy because it comes with pre-installed components and a new type of technology.

    Still, we recommend purchasing this hitch for its durability, performance, and innovation. Moreover, here you go for more efficient hitch models.

  • New technology to control swaying
  • Extreme durability
  • You can attach it by yourself within minutes
  • Comes with pre-installed components
  • Pros
  • Heaviest hitch kit on our list
  • It might not be UV-resistant or corrosion resistant

  • Final Verdict

    So far, we know these are the top hitches on the market. Most of these hitches can be installed within minutes by you. Installing them faster brings a lot of conveniences because you save time.

    While some bring more power, others bring more convenience to your towing experience. Moreover, the price range is also a vital measurement for considering the quality hitch system. Combining all these factors, we found Husky 32218 Hitch and Andersen Universal Hitches are the best choices.

    Husky 32218 Hitch is ideal for small trailers because it is one of the light-weightiest hitches on our list. Also, it allows detaching quickly.

    Andersen is another brand that saves you money, time, and risk of sway control over time. Its standard price range, durability, construction, and performance will serve your purposes.

    Although it weighs over 52.49 pounds, it brings you maximum benefits in terms of safety and durability.

    Finally, Camco 48069 hitch is the best bang for the buck. The price range is low, but it performs better as a lightweight hitch. You can protect your vehicle from additional weight.

    Hopefully, this list helps make an informed decision on the best hitch.

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