Best Winch for Polaris Ranger 900/Polaris XP 1000 Reviews

Did you know the ranger doesn’t require a highly efficient winch system when most other does it? Unlike SUVs or Trucks, Ranger is a small-size four-wheeler, so it doesn’t need a winch with a significant pulling capacity of 10,000 lbs. For a Polaris ranger, it is wise to start with small winches. Our experience is the best winch for Polaris ranger 900 comes with only 4,500 lbs hauling force at a minimum.

When it comes to choosing a product, brand names become a criterion for some users. True lovers like brand names, but not necessarily it proves all times good. However, a few brand names come to mind when selecting winches; and they are doing better compared to other winch systems.

To me, no-1 is Warn winch, which is leading irrespective of quality and performance. You’ll also be happy to learn that Warn is a long-time manufacturer in the United States, and they master their art.

We have some selections of Polaris ranger winches right below. Also, look here for the best winch for jeeps. Hope you’ll like them and they will meet your conditions. Let’s dive in for more details.

Quick List of Best Polaris Ranger Winches

Images Product Title Bottom Line Price
SuperATV Polaris RZR 900 Winch
  • SuperATV RZR Winch
Polaris Off Road Winch
  • Polaris PRO Winch
XTREME 4500LB Winch
  • Xtreme UTV Winch

5 Best Winch for Polaris Ranger 900 Reviews

1. SuperATV 4500 lb RZR Winch Kit

This kit is exactly what you need to pull a Polaris RZR. This kit is lightweight with a low-level hauling capacity, only 4500 lbs, and a powerful winch to fit with Polaris RZR 900 2015 – 2020 models.

This 4500 lb winch kit is perfect to fit with Polaris RZR. You’ll like it because it comes with a mounting plate to install.

100% waterproof winch has a 50′ synthetic rope, sturdy and rust-free. Heavy-duty steel plating makes it a durable kit. Moreover, the UV-resistant black coat finish protects it from corrosion. Overall, it is a perfect choice for Polaris RZR.

Features & Performance

A compact, mid-range Polaris RZR winch offers features that admire special cachets among enthusiasts. This UTV winch is enriched with tons of pulling power, so no worries of being stuck and left alone.

It has a 50′ synthetic rope to pull from a distance bringing it near you. Synthetic rope is more than double time durable as steel rope. So, it’s safer and gives you confidence on the road.

The UV-resistant black coat makes it water-proof and corrosion-free.

This good-looking winch from the black ops series has a synthetic rope, sealed gears, a wireless remote, and a super-pulling power. It has an excellent hauling capacity to assist you along the terrain.

The winch has pulling power ranging from 3500 lbs, 4500 lbs, and 5000 lbs. SuperATV has the winch ready for your riding style. You’ll have that all in one frame.

This winch has been designed and tested, meaning that you’ll find no lackings in quality and performance.

  • A mid-range winch for UTVs
  • 50 feet long synthetic rope
  • Wireless remote system
  • Sealed gears
  • Pros
  • Not fit for SUVs, trucks, etc
  • Light and pricey

  • 2. Polaris PRO 4,500 Lbs Winch

    If it would be a list without Polaris Pro, it might be an incomplete list of winches. Polaris Pro comes with a solid winch system, and performance is guaranteed.

    The big benefit is that it comes with a model-specific mounting option. So, no need for customization of each model. You’ll like Polaris Pro HD because it is a features-enriched model so far.

    The only issue with Polaris is that they are expensive winching models. But when it comes to pulling power, Polaris is second to none.

    Features & Performance

    This company has just launched Polaris PRO 4,500 Lbs, which will change the winching industry. This winch is the 1st of its style with an auto-stop mechanism. This winch has 4,500 lbs of pulling capacity and a rapid rope recovery design.

    The 1.6 horsepower motor produces 4,500 lbs of pulling power for rapid recovery. And 4,500 lbs pulling force is standard for Polaris ranger off-roads. The new technology is 5-times faster to retrieve the winch rope.

    Moreover, the auto-stop mechanism automatically stops when hauling is done. The rapid rope recovery design actively pulls faster than any other winches.

    The only 5-schematic location allows it to install smoothly for recoiling and re-spooling.

    It has heavy-duty gears and a sealed motor to protect it from dust, debris, and water. So, if your Polaris ranger accidentally goes underwater, still the winch motor will be in a safe zone.

    According to Polaris’s self-declaration, this winch is tested as sturdy, and the components are strong enough to work with confidence.

    Overall, this winch is an excellent choice. But keep in mind its price range. The criticism is that the price is high, and by the price, you have multiple alternatives to serve the same purpose.

    However, it is competent to prove as an exception. Inexperienced purchasers should know first that it is specially designed for Polaris off-road vehicles only.

  • Heavy-duty, Strong, and Secure
  • Faster recovery
  • Auto-stop mechanism
  • 5-schematic location
  • Pros
  • Highly expensive
  • Not fit universally

  • 3. XTREME 4500LB UTV Winch for POLARIS RZR

    It is our pleasure to offer you the best value pack. XTREME 4500 lbs is a UTV winch to fit with the Polaris ranger. It may be compact but comes with a lot of useful features. XTREME 4500 lbs winch is a budget-friendly and featured enriched winch with significant load capacity. If you think it comes with a weak framework because it is cheap, you will do wrong. Cheap doesn’t always mean it has low-quality construction.

    Unlike other extreme winches, it can’t pull 12,000 lbs or more. But it is a perfect choice for UTVs and small vehicles since it has an excellent pulling power of 4,500 lbs.

    Moreover, the sturdy construction, large size cable, and automatic winching mechanism – all these things make it an ideal choice for some users. If it’d come with better instructions, it might be the flawless winch on the market right now.

    Features & Performance

    XTREME 4500 lbs winch offers a model-specific package, so you do not need to customize it to fit your model. To be wise, what you need to do is to verify your fitment to avoid customization.

    The winch has a 1.8 hp permanent magnet motor fully sealed to protect it from water and debris. The 3-stage planetary gears and dynamic brake don’t allow a hasty pulling experience and sudden breakthrough or rewinding. It controls everything for a smooth pulling experience.

    The 50′ large synthetic rope it includes is a standard-size winch cable. Along with the synthetic rope, it also comes with an aluminum hawse fairlead and a rock guard to help you when you might get stuck. The aluminum hawse is so plain and smooth, so the rope rolls out and in without any obstacles.

    You’ll be happy to learn that it offers you excellent control over the flush mount dash switch. The 3-stage gear has a ratio of 136:1. The automatic brake mechanism clogs off when pulling is done. It’s an added advantage that you won’t be alert to stop it the right way.

    It also gives you the option to use it wired or wireless. An excellent remote control allows you to run it from a distance. Overall, it’s a good choice as a winching mechanism.

  • Perfect choice for Polaris ranger
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Automatic brake & planetary gear
  • 50′ large synthetic cable
  • Pros
  • Not applicable for heavy load capacity vehicles
  • Unclear instructions

  • In a hurry?
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    4. New Warn Axon Winch for Polaris Ranger 900

    WARN is a leading company in the winching space. And it has introduced the new Axon 4,500 lbs Winch for Polaris Ranger 900. Needless to mention, a winch is a fantastic pulling kit to keep on off-road vehicles. Considering the vehicle’s weight, WARN invented multiple weight capacity winches. Right now, you are going to read about the WARN Axon winch for Polaris RZR.

    This winch has a low-level weight capacity and is smooth and reliable for lightweight vehicles like the Polaris ranger. This winch has a large rope, heavy load capacity, and rigid structure for long-lasting and superior control when loaded.

    Warn winch has better engineering to last for years to come. You’ll like it for better performance and quality features.

    Features & Performance

    This model has an impressive pulling speed of up to 4,500 lbs, which you might see absent in other ordinary winches in its class. Sealed off, water-proof construction of this winch is perfect for hauling in the rainwater or snow.

    The durable 1/4″ steel rope is 50′ long, and you can easily control it from a distance. The roller fairlead and hook will come to your help when you need to stick the rope with something to pull.

    It has an excellent load-holding brake that allows controlling when your vehicle is fully loaded. Moreover, the wired remote and the digital control system will permit hauling from a distance.

    This waterproof winch kit is corrosion-resistant for the satin black coat finish. You’ll like it because it has a model-specific mounting facility. So, no need to customize it for mounting. The installation instruction is also included for easy and quick installation. Hopefully, this new version will satisfy you with its superior performance.

  • Perfect for UTVs
  • Corrosion-free, durable, and sturdy
  • Allows remote controls
  • Smooth, reliable and performer
  • Pros
  • Expensive winch kit
  • New in the market

  • 5. SuperATV 4500 lbs Winch for Polaris RZR XP 1000

    If you have a Polaris XP 1000 or XP4 1000, SuperATV 4500 lbs winch is a perfect choice to help you. This RZR winch kit is a beast and specially designed for Polaris RZR. So, if you like to drive a Polaris ranger, this is the winch kit you need to recover your vehicle when it gets stuck.

    This RZR winch is a feature-enriched kit and is compatible with all weather conditions. Large size synthetic rope, wireless remote, and rust-resistant body structure give you the strength to rely on it.

    The safety measures it provides will save you from potential injuries. Compared to other similar winch kits, SuperATV 4500 lbs winch is superior; and it is what you exactly need.

    Features & Performance

    As already mentioned, the SuperATV 4500 lbs winch is an all-weather-friendly winch kit. This winch kit comes with a 50′ long, corrosion-resistant and waterproof synthetic rope, allowing you to use it in totally submerged conditions. The galvanized finish protects it underwater for long-lasting durability. Besides, the wireless remote gives you extra protection for safe use.

    It includes a 3/16” mounting plate and gussets for safe, smooth, and quick installation. No drilling is necessary. However, you might notice it lacks mounting bars, which might be a good fit if customized.

    This winch has a sealed solenoid for electromagnetic force and a remote receiver box to provide superior power. So, do not worry about getting stuck in the mud.

    Though it comes with a mounting plate, it is not model-specific. You might have to buy it separately.

    Along with some drawbacks, this winch is a perfect choice for some users having a Polaris RZR. Hopefully, this winch will be your best friend in need.

  • Sturdy, durable and powerful
  • Long synthetic rope
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Applicable in all weather conditions
  • Pros
  • Lack of mounting bar
  • No model-specific mounting plate

  • Final Words

    So, we have just finished reviewing 5 top picks here.

    Purchasing online sometimes becomes a challenge since there’re so many winches of similar types. We have tried to shorten this list into a few models, which can fit only your Polaris RZR. Hopefully, this list will shorten your way to purchasing the best winch to fit your Polaris ranger 900 and Polaris XP 1000.

    If you want me to show you exactly, what you need, I cannot directly say that you should buy this one. But SuperATV 4500 lbs winch is a workhorse for lightweight rangers. And if you have a tight budget, it is wise to purchase XTREME UTV Winch, which servers better in its range. On the other hand, I’m strongly opposing Polaris PRO Winch because it is highly expensive.

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