Best Winch for Polaris Sportsman 570 [2023] Reviews

Did you ever travel through rough terrain? The best winch for Polaris Sportsman 570 is your helping hand.

3 Best Alternatives

If you could keep a reliable recovery took kit, you would never stay with uncertainty on a stuck terrain from hours after hours, keeping your cheek on the thumb of hands over the knee. A winch can save you from such anticipation.

Tie up a winch kit with a stump/tree to pull your vehicle unstuck, and within a short while, you’ll see that your Polaris Ranger is free.

So, which winch should you have?

The Polaris sportsman 570 winch kit is reliable, has low amperage power consumption, is lightweight, and can pull the ATVs like Polaris Sportsman and Touring vehicles without failure. Most such winch’s pulling capacity ranges from 3500 to 4500 lbs, which is the perfect range for UTV/ATV.

We will, here, show you the top 5 winches compatible with Polaris Sportsman 570. These winch kits are reliable, budget-friendly, and powerful. We will also focus on features, performance, pros, and cons so you can easily understand which one is perfect for your vehicle.

Let’s dive in.

Table of Best Winch for Polaris Sportsman 570

Images Product Names Price
polaris new oem sportsman 570/450
Genuine 2500 lb winch for polaris sportsman
3500 LB Mad Dog Winch
kfi winch polaris sportsman
polaris pro hd polars sportsman winch

5 Best Winch for Polaris Sportsman 570 This Year

Here’s the list of the 5 best Polaris sportsman winches.

1. Genuine Polaris Sportsman 3,500 Lbs Winch

We have picked this winch kit to the top of our list for its quality features and users’ acceptance. It is an integrated kit that connects straight to the Touring 570 and Sportsman 570 & 450. The winch is easy to install, works great, and is very useful on and off the trail.

It is one of those that continue to move up the market due to its performance and customer reviews. Moreover, people consider it a plug-and-play type of equipment which already says a lot about it.

Features and Performance

The Genuine OEM winch is highly compatible with different models of the Polaris Sportsman series from 2014-2021. The winch has a tightly sealed motor that prevents outside elements from coming in. It makes it easier to get through the ride and have the confidence to work every time.

This winch has a 3,500 lbs line pull rating, is sufficient to pull the sportsman out of the mud, and comes with a fully sealed motor to protect it from elements. Additionally, you’ll get a number of useful accessories such as wired cables, 4-way hawse fairlead, mounting equipment, and remote control.

Make sure (when you purchase this winch) that all accessory kits are included in the box.

You will also have with this package a corded remote control for convenience, a chassis, a free-spooling feature, and a durable hook with a strap. It elevates the overall performance and is convenient for winching vehicles.

The 20-inch length, 11-inch width, and 8-inch height are its standard size and are the perfect dimensions for sportsman vehicles. The model also weighs almost 27 lbs and is fully powered through the vehicle’s battery.

The installation instruction is lucid and user-friendly, making it a breeze to mount and connect. Once you have the winch on board with the correct attachment of battery cables and handlebar switch, the rest of the assembly will be smooth.

  • Powerful, reliable, and easy to install
  • Compatible with most RZR
  • Sealed motor to prevent outside elements
  • A mid-range 3,500 lbs winch
  • Pros
  • No extra wiring harnesses
  • No wireless remote

  • 2. Genuine 2,500 lbs Polaris Sportsman Winch

    Our second pick is from the same brand of 2,500 lbs winch. The quality features, users’ satisfaction, price range, and hauling capacity ensure its market value. Though this winch has a lower pulling power comparing its predecessor, it won’t disappoint you. It has a reliable pulling force to help you in distress.

    Moreover, the winch is compatible with many Polaris Sportsman models. Not only does it, but it is also easy to connect, hassle-free, and saves you time figuring out how it works.

    Features and Performance

    This winch is a genuine Polaris Sportsman brand and almost 95% a plug-and-play accessory. This winch is from the Polaris store and is excellent for recovery performance. You’ll also like it for its good-looking appearance. It is easy to install. In most cases, installation takes 20-30 minutes maximum.

    Aside from providing an excellent recovery experience, it will cost you less than its competitors. You might have some low-value weapons out there. But they will never meet the expected performance. However, some brands may be available, but they are super expensive than this one. It is a low amp 2,500 lbs winch kit committed to giving you an excellent hauling experience.

    This integrated winch kit directly connects wire harnesses, making installation fast and smooth. It also ensures TAT, reducing the time to install.

    The winch has a motor of only 2,500 lbs that is powerful enough for any Polaris model from 2014 to 2020. It also includes a 4-way hawse fairlead, remote control, and other cable wires to get you going. It has a tightly sealed motor, which makes it resistant to rain, snow, and other weather elements.

    Keeping this winch kit means having another pair of hands to help you get out of the mud.

    Installation of this winch kit may be troublesome in some areas, especially on a low-profile vehicle. The workaround is to detach the solenoid and reposition it to the side of the center.

    It shows that the winch is versatile and great on any vehicle. It is a piece of efficient recovery equipment for any sticky situation.

  • High compatibility to Polaris
  • Powerful and fully sealed motor
  • Fast and easy installation
  • An elegant winch kit on a ranger
  • Pros
  • Expensive than similar brands
  • Fitment tweaking

  • 3. Mad Dog Sportsman 3500 LB Winch

    Tight budget? No pressure on your pocket? And you want everything you need. Then, it is the right preference. This one is our best value pick. We judge it from different angles and found it is the best quality winch at a reasonable price.

    This winch is reliable to bring in every adventurous trip. It works great at this price range, and you’ll never get one at this rate. It is a complete winch kit, and you will get almost everything you need to mount and immediately start your day.

    Features and Performance

    This winch is from the Mad Dog store and is highly compatible with 2010 to 2019 Sportsman XP, X2, and Touring models. This package includes maximum helpful features and has a design to precisely cut ATV model-specific mounts. There is less hassle to manage this kit, and highly steadfast on roads. Quality aluminum and durable steel is its manufacturing material. It has a sealed motor and other components resistant to rain, snow, and other weather elements.

    The winch has a 3,500 lbs pull rating with a planetary gear train, which makes it more effective than a standard Genuine winch. The winch also has a free spooling capacity for added safety, a clutch, and a 50 ft lead of the wire rope for accessibility.

    A 4-way roller fairlead is an excellent addition for a smooth hauling experience. It lets the winch rope last long. Besides, an electric solenoid, durable hook, and a rocker switch will assist you in running and bypassing the motor.

    When it comes to mounting, the winch has a hole pattern with a 3-inch length x 4.7-inch width in all four holes. This standard mounting design makes it easier for users to align fitment.

    The Mad Dog has a matte black finish and an attractive look. You’ll go no wrong with this kit.

  • Efficient line pull rating
  • Steadfast and durable for Aluminum and steel construction
  • Affordable and budget-friendly kit
  • Tons of features almost nothing left
  • Pros
  • Lack of detailed installation instructions
  • Steel cable cuts the price rate a bit

  • 4. KFI 2,500 Lbs Winch for Polaris 450/570

    KFI 2,500 lbs winch is an excellent choice for Polaris 570, Scrambler 850/XP, and 1000/XP models. It is less pricey than the Polaris winches yet provides a similar pulling experience on roads. This winch is one of those Plug-N-Play type winches that are easy to assemble and ready to go.

    The winch will give you a mid-range winching experience, and you’ll also like that it comes with a variety of accessories. All in one, this winch is completely assembled, and the installation will require you 15 minutes so far. Ideally, this one is a good choice for ATV users.

    Features and Performance

    This winch is typically easy to install and takes merely 15 minutes or a bit more to complete the whole installation process. Ideally, the winch is mostly a breeze to install and never exceeds 30 minutes so far. The longest part of the installation is connecting the power cables to the battery. Otherwise, the model will arrive fully assembled and work like a Plug-N-Play kit. This equipment works great and has reliable power.

    The 2,500 lbs pull rating winch motor is its source of power. This 25 AMP Polaris winch is compatible with many ATV models, from Polaris Sportsman 450 to Sportsman XP 1000. It has 2,500 lbs of pull capacity motor and a nice steel cable.

    Moreover, a sturdy handlebar switch, reliable electrical contractor, and durable hooks are available in the box. A Polaris ATV winch mount is also a nice feature it includes.

    The winch mount is custom to the Polaris ATV winch mount and is also equally solid and sturdy. With all these together, it turns into a reliable recovery tool.

    The winch is almost 29 lbs and has the dimension of 16-inch length, 14-inch width, and 9-inch height. It has a very rugged design but still looks good.

    You might need to replace or remove the winch component, especially the contactor, and place it to the side to accommodate a low-profile attachment.

  • Completely assembled and easy to install
  • Plug-N-Play and ready-to-go winch kit
  • A mid-range affordable winch
  • Strong mounting bracket
  • Pros
  • Rugged design
  • Standard duty winch

  • 5. Genuine Sportsman PRO 3,500 Lb Winch

    Polaris Pro is a new version of its class and upgraded to 5 times faster than others. The rapid rope recovery design makes it an ultra version of winch models.

    It is reliable for Sportsman vehicle owners. The good thing about this winch is that it is a genuine and trouble-free winch kit that just arrived from the manufacturer. So, compatibility won’t be an issue.

    Unlike other brands, it has a fast and smooth pulling design, is easy to install, and works faster. It is comfortable to work with its improved features and efficient line pull.

    Features and Performance

    This Sportsman winch is the latest version with a rapid rope recovery option for better and more efficient performance. It makes the pulling capacity multiple times faster than standard winches.

    It has not only a rapid rope recovery feature but also a mounting option. This combination is appreciated and generally found in reliable resources.

    You can recover your vehicle from any unwanted sticky situation faster with the help of this advanced weapon. The high-speed hauling performance will show you how it works.

    When it comes to the hauling kit, this integrated winch kit can be a reliable accessory to attach to your ATV / UTV wire harness. In any unwanted situation, this kit will be helpful recover your vehicle.

    It is fast and easy to install. The kit is perfectly sealed and can protect your winch from any weather condition or outside factors.

    The hauling operation will be smooth and fast when you will apply this winch of 3,500 lbs pulling capacity. You will also be happy to learn that this winch kit has an automatic stopping technology for added safety.

    Sportsman Pro is superior for its advanced technology, engineering, and fast pulling capacity compared to other winches in this list. The only drawback is its price range. The price is slightly high, but it is reasonable. Overall, it provides users with complete satisfaction. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy its performance.

  • Efficient line pull
  • Easy to install
  • Highly compatible
  • Faster recovery capacity
  • Pros
  • Cable wiring instruction is not clear
  • No extra strap
  • A bit pricey

  • Final Verdict

    These winches are all compatible with those that own a Polaris Sportsman vehicle. In most cases, these winch kits can support Polaris Sportsman and Touring models of different series. Sportsman 450, 570, and 850 models are the most common. The fitment varies from 2014 to 2021; the latest version is also sometimes compatible.

    You might have some restrictions as well. For better understanding, 570 touring models do not fit with Sportsman Pro.

    So, we have displayed here our list of 5 best picks. Match one from this list for your Polaris model. Carefully look at the fitment. It will save you from any harassment or retaking.

    Finally, we want to say that these 5 kits are chosen for their quality performance. People like them for a better experience. Hopefully, you’ll also like them when used.

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