Car Trailer Winch Mounting Ideas (All Car Trailers)

A car owner needs to know how to mount a winch to a car trailer properly. Otherwise, you would end up spending money on fixing car frames. There are some car trailer winch mounting ideas you can experiment with on your car trailer vehicle, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

Below we present different ways to mount winches on a car trailer. So, sit back, grab your coffee cup, and read on to know more!

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Different Car Trailer Winch Mounting Ideas

Flatbed Car Trailer Winch Mounting Ideas

There are plenty of ways to mount the winch on your flatbed car trailer. In one way, you can use a hitch-mounted winch plate that comes with a handle. Also, use a two-inch receiver to mount it to the trailer. In this way, your winch will be removable, and the good thing is that it will allow you to remove the winch in the future with ease and hassle-free.

If your flatbed trailer has a railing, install the winch on it. But if not, a winch mounting plate is better to use. Mount your winch on the trailer’s floor bed using this winch mounting plate. Use U bolts to connect to the floor bed and the trailer.

And if you like woodworking, it will be an added opportunity to get the winch mounting done!

This way, you need a hardwood piece that may fit the railing of the flatbed. To get it to stick with the bed and the railing, you have to use two large screw rods. Perfectly fit the wood piece on the bed and measure if your winch gets on the wood plate. If done, use a giant pin drill to make two holes to screw the winch motor. It will perfectly fit your winch on the trailer bed.

Among other mounting options, this customized method will be a nice choice. It is because you can mount the winch the way you like. You can place it right, left, or in the middle of the flatbed trailer wherever you choose it to fit. Moreover, it’ll save you extra expenses for the winch plate and the hitch receiver.

Winch Mounting Ideas on Gooseneck Car Trailers

Gooseneck trailers have a high gooseneck-style hitch receiver. It’s a bit higher than the simple flatbed trailer. So, you might have an obstacle to mounting the winch on the bed flat.

The railing is also not secure to mount the winch on it because it is too high, and the winch won’t get sufficient strength and pulling power.

The best way is to find a comfort zone. In most Gooseneck car trailers, the hitch receiver is a bit large. The manufacturers keep a vacant space in the center to make it lightweight. This center is the right place to mount your winch.

Buy a custom winch mount for mounting your winch on this trailer. Mark the center of both the trailer and mounting plate. Weld the custom winch mount to the lower deck of the trailer. Now place your winch on it. Attach a D ring to lift heavy objects at various angles.

Tilt Deck Car Trailers Winch Mounting

A tilt deck car trailer has many advantages compared to other car trailers. You can easily unload your heavy loads as this trailer works at different angles smoothly. Also, you don’t need any ramp with it while unloading your stuff.

In order to facilitate users, the tilt deck trailers come with a plane, shallow deck so that you can even upload a car by driving on it yourself. Moreover, it keeps upside down on the ground allowing you to upload heavy objects without loaders. And that’s why it has missed the railing.

So, you can’t mount the winch with custom tools.

The only way is to mount your winch on the lower deck using a mounting plate. As there is no option to mount the winch on the plane deck, you have to use a separate plate in front. Make sure the plate is bolted on the deck.

However, you still have another way to mount the winch by using a D-ring.

Winch mounting is an easy task with a tilt deck trailer, but there is a limitation of place to get mounted. The solution and all you need to have is a winch plate mount. Connect a hitch combo bar with your tilt deck trailer. Use a trailer hitch tow ball to tighten up your winch, and that’s all.

Open Car Trailers Winch Mounting Option

Open car trailers are other trailers to lift heavy loads of material. Mounting a winch in an open car trailer is the similar way you did that on flatbed trailers. For this purpose, weld a square tube receiver to a square plate. Now bolt the square plate in the trailer’s front side, and you are good to go.

As it has a heavy load capacity, the more powerful winch will be mounted on it. So, a sturdy and heavy load capacity hitch receiver will be a better installation option. Moreover, a custom-built wood plate may be an advantage on this open car trailer.

Double Deck Car Trailers Mounting Opportunity

It is a heavy load capacity, large car trailer. The double deck system makes it more complex to place a winch for hauling. However, if you carefully look inside, you’ll find that there is a scope to install a hitch mount.

Never think of mounting the winch on the upper deck. Select the lower deck’s front side to keep the winch in place.

Use a large hitch mount already you might have with it to connect the winch. Screw hard with the railing to make it stable.

Wedge Car Trailers Winch Mounting

The wedge car trailer‘s front side is up and backside down. In the front, there is a pole to make it upright and stable. There you go and find a vacant space and railing. It is the right place to mount your winch.

Like the double-decker, it also comes with a deck upwards. It has a nice place to mount a winch, but not perfect. Smooth hauling is not possible from here. While spooling, more power or strength may be applicable from the lower deck.

So, bring a hitch receiver and mount it on the lower deck, and set up the winch right here. It is perfect for this heavy-duty trailer.

Enclosed Car Trailers Winch Mounting

Mounting a winch on an enclosed trailer is versatile. It allows multiple options to use for mounting winches. You can choose either of the following.

Method-1: The enclosed trailer is a kind of cover van. It has a roof and body covered. So, at a glance, mounting is impossible. But you can find the option to mount it on the floor bed inside the cabinet. This way, use a bracket to attach the winch to the floor bed. But make sure there is at least a 6-inch distance from the floor so you can easily drag the cables while hauling.

Method-2: This method suggests using a ready-made, in-floor winch mount. Customize the floor the same as the winch mounting size. Directly place the winch inside and bolt it. Next, connect the fairlead to its holder.

Method-3: You can use the trailer’s tongue present inside the trailer’s tongue for mounting. After this, connect it to the frame of the trailer. You can also use mounting brackets on the trailer to support your winch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install a removable winch on a car trailer?

To install a removable winch on a car trailer, you will need a 3/16 inch plate and cut it out. Bolt the cut plate on the trailer bed and mount the winch.

Take a ball mount receiver and weld it accordingly to the plate.

Now, you need an extension tube of at least 12 inches long. Weld this tube on a cut iron same as the tube, and put it into the trailer’s small section. Then set the iron you just cut out at the base of the cross member.

Now take the winch plate and measure it. Right in the measurement points, drill holes in the wood. Then insert the bolts from the plate to glide.

It is the right time to slide the mount into your extension tube. Here, the receiver will also slide into the extension tube.

Also, get all the wires out of your way.

To prevent the receiver from coming out, pin it along the winch. This is how you can attach a winch to your car trailer.

Can you mount a winch at an angle?

Yes! We can. Anyone can mount a winch at an angle as well. But it is advisable not to mount your winch from an angle because hauling from an angle may pull the vehicle side by side. The maximum force may be applicable to pull the car trailer from a specific angle.

However, when it comes to mounting in a tilt deck trailer, the question may be applicable. In a tilt deck trailer, you can change the angles. So, when you change the angle, mounting may be from an angle.

How do you mount a winch in an enclosed trailer?

In an enclosed trailer, we can mount a winch in 3 methods. 1. On the floor bed inside the cover van, 2. by built-in in-floor winch mounting option, and 3. by using trailer tongue or mounting brackets.

Inside the cabinet on the floor bed, attach the winch with a bracket, and keep at least 6 inches gap for winding the winch rope.

You can find a built-in in-floor winch mount. Use this to mount on the floor bed.

Again, you can use the trailer tongue for mounting the winch.

Do I need a mounting plate for my winch?

Yes! A mounting plate is best to mount your winch on a car trailer. But still, there’re options to apply mounting winches without mounting plates. Of course, the mounting plate is the best and easiest way to mount your winch on a car trailer. It will allow you to remove and mount the winch faster.

Is it better to have a winch in the front or rear?

The best way is to have a winch in front of a car trailer. If you want ease of use and comfort, front mounting will serve you. The other way to mount the rear is for self-recovery purposes.

So, except for self-recovery, the front mount option is the best-in-class method in any other situation.

How can I power the winch battery?

You can charge your winch battery through your vehicle’s power source. This method is only applicable when you have light or medium use daily. Your vehicle must have a 440 amps battery and a 60 amp alternator.

Find a convenient spot at your vehicle’s rear end to attach the quick disconnector. The disconnector consists of two wires, a long power cord, and a ground cord of short length.

Find a clean metal surface on the frame of your vehicle. Now, drop the shorter cord to it. Take the power cord from the vehicle’s rear side and bring it to the front of the battery.

Next, connect this cord to the positive terminal and join a separate wire from the negative terminal to a safe grounding source.

Please remember to install a circuit breaker through which the power cord connects to the vehicle’s battery. Attach a disconnector to the trailer coupler at the rear of positive and negative wires. This disconnector will meet the disconnector at your vehicle’s rear end. It will ensure a safe solenoid click.

Wrap Up

We have discussed a lot on the topic of car trailer winch mounting ideas. We also tried to focus on some FAQs which other people talk about. Almost 6-different car trailer mounting ideas we shared for your understanding. Hopefully, these techniques will help you find a way to recover your stuck vehicle.

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